Men’s Rightsers React to the Resignation of Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt
Tim Hunt, seen here doing science in his woman-proof lab.

Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Tim Hunt recently resigned from his position as Honorary Professor at University College London after making some tone-deaf and sexist comments about female scientists. Continue reading “Men’s Rightsers React to the Resignation of Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt”

Random Headlines — 6/09/15

Black Lives Matter Die In

Raw Story – Sean Hannity says McKinney cop had to defend himself from being ‘shanked’ by pool party teens.
Talking Points Memo – Franklin Graham pulls accounts from Wells Fargo over ad with gay couple.
Gawker – Councilman says ‘White Lives Matter’ rally wasn’t racially motivated.
ABC News – Court upholds lockup for boy who killed neo-Nazi dad.
Think Progress – Why standing against anti-Islam bigotry matters.
Salon – Mike Huckabee defends his creepy transgender locker room fixation as ‘commonsense.’
Right Wing Watch – Glenn Beck prepares to be the modern day Martin Luther King of fighting gay marriage.
Toronto Star – Pride Toronto faces controversy over application from men’s rights group to march in parade.

Random Headlines — 6/07/15

ACT UP Protest

Raw Story – Here are 40 reasons our jails and prisons are filled with black and poor people.
Media Matters – Leader of gun group praised by Ted Cruz said the Second Amendment was ‘designed’ for people like Obama.
The Daily Beast – Transphobic trolls are out to strip Caitlyn Jenner of her Olympic gold medal.
Think Progress – Texas cop suspended after he’s caught on video grabbing a black girl by her hair and sitting on her.
Chicago Sun-Times – West suburban college pays $132,000 to settle suit filed by anti-gay hate group.
Towleroad – New York homeless man charged with attempted murder in anti-trans subway hate crime.
Feministing – Chris Brown is the poster child for intimate partner violence.

Random Headlines — 6/05/15

Credit: Rick Cote
Credit: Rick Cote

Washington Post – After ‘oops,’ Rick Perry is ready to try again.
Think Progress – Michelle Duggar defends smearing transgender people as pedophiles as ‘common sense.’
Media Matters – Once-dominant talker Rush Limbaugh struggles to maintain his major-market base.
AlterNet – Five Supreme Court decisions to watch for this June.
We Hunted the Mammoth – A Voice for Men’s Dean Esmay says, ‘We’re a group of volunteers dedicated to a cause, and that cause is Paul Elam.’
Joe. My. God. – NOM’s Brian Brown has a post-SCOTUS plan to fight marriage equality, but supporters must send him money before he can reveal it.
Pacific Daily News – Court strikes down Guam’s same-sex marriage ban.
The Atlantic – Lawsuit against JONAH reveals the chilling world of gay conversion therapy.