Stefan Molyneux Blames the World’s Evil on ‘Women Who Choose Assholes’

On the January 24, 2014 episode of his Freedomain Radio show, titled “The Matriarchal Lineage of Corruption,” YouTube philosopher Stefan Molyneux lectured a caller on why his mother chose to have sex with his “asshole” father — and ranted about how women are responsible for all the evils in the world.

Molyneux’s reasoning? Women, more often than not, simply “choose assholes” over “nice guys.” Moreover, women mating with “asshole” men is responsible for a whole host of social evils including “child abuse” and “sociopathy.” This, he promises, will “fucking end this [human] race” unless men start “holding women accountable.”

Molyneux: Women who choose the assholes will fucking end this race. They will fucking end this human race, if we don’t start holding them a-fucking-ccountable.

Caller: I agree with that. They are the gatekeepers as you said, and others have said —

Molyneux: They’re the gatekeepers. Look, women who choose assholes guarantee child abuse. Women who choose assholes guarantee criminality. Sociopathy. Politicians. All the cold-hearted jerks who run the world came out of the vaginas of women who married assholes. And I don’t know how to make the world a better place without holding women accountable for choosing assholes.

Your dad was an asshole because your mother chose him. Because it works on so many women. If ‘asshole’ wasn’t a great reproductive strategy it would have been gone long ago. Women keep that black bastard flame alive. They cup their hands around it, they protect it with their bodies. They keep the evil of the species going by continually choosing these guys.

If being an asshole didn’t get women there would be no assholes left. If women chose nice guys over assholes we would have a glorious and peaceful world in one generation.

Women determine the personality traits of the men because women choose who to have sex with, and who to have children with, and who to expose those children to. I get that you’re angry at your dad and you have every reason to be angry at your dad. Your dad is who he is fundamentally because your mother was willing to fuck him and have you. Willing and eager to fuck the monster. Stop fucking monsters, we get a great world. Keep fucking monsters, we get catastrophes. We get war, we get nuclear weapons, we get national debt, we get incarcerations and prison guards and all the other florid assholes who rule the world.

Women worship at the feet of the devil and wonder why the world is evil. And then, you know what they say? ‘We’re victims! Poor us!’