Random Headlines — Massacre In Charleston

Charleston massacre suspect Dylann Roof is captured in North Carolina, the Census Bureau considers dropping “race” from its survey, Clarence Thomas deals a blow to neo-Confederates, and more.

The New York Times – Charleston shooting suspect, Dylann Storm Roof, has been captured in North Carolina.
Politico – Census Bureau considers dropping ‘race’ from survey.
Talking Points Memo – Presidential candidate Rick Santorum uses Charleston shooting to condemn the broader “assaults on our religious liberty.”
Raw Story – Pro-gun pastor E.W. Jackson tells Fox that a ‘hate crime’ means the shooter is prejudiced against ‘biblical views’ — not race.
Media Matters Fox & Friends exploits South Carolina church shooting to call for more guns.
Right Wing Watch – Michigan GOP lawmaker wants school officials held criminally liable for teaching students about homosexuality.
Think Progress – Justice Thomas deals an unexpected blow to the Confederacy.