Man Claims a False Rape Accusation is ‘Ruining’ Him, Turns to Men’s Rights Redditors for Advice

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Over at /r/MensRights, an anonymous man going by the name “slamtothehead” wrote a post entitled “False Rape Accusation ruining me.”The man claimed that he had been “falsely accused of rape by someone who was my best friend” in an incident which involved “alcohol and miscommunication” but “certainly wasn’t a rape.”

He claimed the two had “consensual sex” in the evening, although she was “blacked out” at the time. The following morning, he said, they had some “miscommunication” followed by “40 seconds of intercourse that stopped as soon as i realized she was not into it.”

Now it seems his former friend, whom he claims “loves to fight” and “calls herself a feminazi”, has been using social media to “basically ruin my reputation in my community.” Rather than hire a lawyer, he opted instead to ask the denizens of the Men’s Rights subreddit for advice.

Of course, what “slamtothehead” is describing — drinking and then having sex with a “blacked out” woman — appears to be a clear case of rape, not a matter of miscommunication.

As one Redditor pointed out, “If you had sex with her while she was blacked out that is NOT consensual sex. And then you stick your dick in her again the next morning without her consenting again? You’ve just admitted to raping her twice.” Another wrote, “She can’t give consent if she was blacked out,” adding, “yeh sorry dude it sounds like you raped her.”

Most of the participants in this conversation did offer some form of advice, usually along the lines of “Get a lawyer. Now.” or “Lawyer up, send that feminazi to jail.” One Redditor responded by telling “slamtothehead” to “get a solid crminal [sic] defense lawyer” and “delete this post” since it contains “some very incriminating statements.” Although “slamtothehead” appears to have begun following this advice, deleting his name from his posts one at a time, the original post still stands

Reddit False Rape II

Along with “slamtothehead” stating that he’s “gotta delete” the post:

Reddit False Rape III

A Redditor going by the name “DevilishRogue” was blunt in his assessment of what he should do: “[D]on’t say another fucking word on social media or to anyone else until you’ve spoken to a lawyer you fucking idiot, OP.” Another, “kragshot”, agreed and added, “I’ve been there. Once the accusation reaches the public, your life is going to be sheer hell. Get a lawyer right now and prepare for war.”

A third, “RoninUnderground”, also revealed some personal experience with women, claiming that his “own family treated me worse than my ex-wife when she left because pussy pass” — the “pussy pass” is a men’s rights meme denoting their belief that women are often punished less harshly than men for the exact same behavior.

Some commenters, such as “lukie95”, chastised him for having sex with a feminist in the first place. “First mistake,” he wrote, “was thinking having sex with a feminazi would end well even though he stopped. My main rule is don’t put your dick in crazy, and she sure as hell is crazy.” Another went on a short, all-caps rant:


Others were less judgmental, at least of the original poster. “She will never feel a sense of guilt for what she is doing to you,” wrote “dthjms”. “Even with indisputable proof being shown right to her face, she will still ruin your life.. just for attention on herself.” Or as “copsgonnacop” put it, “As others have said, you need to get a lawyer. This chick is not going to quit because she 100% believes that you raped her. She regretted the sex in the morning and, by her feminazi definition, that is rape. There’s no way she’s going to let this go on her own.”

So, to summarize, an anonymous man claims to have had sex with a woman who was black out drunk — before having sex with her the following morning even though she “was not into it” — and asked for advice on how best to handle her “false rape accusation.”

Only a minority of Redditors recognized that this was likely an actual rape, while most of them instructed him to get a lawyer, and urged him to delete his Reddit post, save correspondence between himself and his ex-friend, and even sue her for defamation afterward. It should also be noted that /r/MensRights displays the following disclaimer: “Do not trust legal advice given by Redditors. If you are in need of legal help, seek a qualified lawyer.” Indeed.