Random Headlines — 6/02/15

Fair Housing Protest

Think Progress – The Roberts Court is poised to score a major victory against racial justice.
BuzzFeed News
– Someone, possibly Charles C. Johnson, impersonated a BuzzFeed News reporter in order to trick a sexual assault victim.
The New York Times – Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, introduces herself in Vanity Fair.
Salon – Here’s what happens when a white guy with an assault rifle gets combative with airport security.
Talking Points Memo – Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says he should have pretended to be transgender in order to ‘shower with the girls.’
Media Matters – Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle says President Obama is leading ‘a lynch mob against law enforcement.’
The Root – La. deputy allegedly called sheriff’s office employee a ‘stupid, ungrateful nigger.’