Random Headlines — 5/15/15

The New Civil Rights Movement – The Southern Poverty Law Center designates four more anti-gay organizations as hate groups.
Hatewatch – Anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley has died at age 70.
Think Progress – Bill Cosby’s incoherent response to rape allegations.
AlterNet – 25 ways anti-choice warriors are playing doctor.
Media Matters – Bill O’Reilly complains after his anti-poor rhetoric was exposed.
Mother Jones – It’s been 6 months since Tamir Rice died and the cop who killed him still hasn’t been questioned.
Jacobin – The New York Times goes to war again.
VICE – This misogynist* wants you to boycott Mad Max: Fury Road because he doesn’t like feminism.

*It seems as though Aaron Clarey was incorrectly identified as a Men’s Rights Activist. I sincerely sort of regret the error, given that 1) MRAs and other strands of misogynists often overlap with similar woman-hating rhetoric, and 2) there were, in fact, MRAs on the website A Voice for Men voicing support for a boycott of the new Mad Max film because of its strong female protagonist. As far as slip-ups go, this is relatively minor considering that both Clarey and the folks at AVfM are sexist dicks.