A Voice for Men’s Dean Esmay: The Southern Poverty Law Center is a ‘Hate Group’ That ‘Helped Incite Terror and Murder’

Dean Esmay Credit: YouTube/Paul Elam
Dean Esmay
Credit: YouTube/Paul Elam

If you hadn’t caught it, Mark Potok of the SPLC — a well-known civil rights group — recently made an appearance on the David Pakman Show where he discussed misogyny and the Men’s Rights Movement. The interview was a fairly standard discussion of Men’s Rights Activists, the backlash against feminism, and sites which espouse anti-woman hatred. Websites like A Voice for Men, of course. Dean Esmay, AVfM’s managing editor, responded to the interview by, what else, calling SPLC members “hate-inciting fatcats”  who have been “directly tied to inspiring intolerance and murder” — the latter claim being an outright fabrication:

I want the world to know I have said this, and I mean it: the Southern Poverty Law Center is a multimillion $$ fraud organization that makes its money by spreading fear and hate and ignorance – mostly in the form of slanted half-truths- about innocent people who can’t fight back.

The Southern Poverty Law Center steals, by deception, from well-meaning donors and from U.S. taxpayers to spread the kind of hatred that leads to intolerance and violence. This is in part because people like David Pakman are so fucking gullible, they think that if these snakes in Dockers say they’re progressive, they’re actually living the values they claim to stand for.

Yes, David, SPLC has been directly tied to inspiring intolerance and murder, by spreading hate, instigating spin and slander indiscriminately against anyone who might deviate somewhat from mainstream opinion (or just opinions not liked by the elites who rule us).

. . .

Basic human rights, David. Do you get that? Basic human rights. That’s what your group of wealthy cronies at the SPLC are all about attacking and stopping: the march of human progress, and treating all people as if they are flawed but valuable human beings, regardless of race or sex or orientation.

And you’re helping these hate-inciting fatcats smear those working for those values, you brave young man, without having the guts to talk to us or ask us any questions let alone invite us on your show to ask him any genuinely challenging questions. Not even questions about his contemptible terrorist-inspiring organization — I expect that would be too much for you — but whether this bullshit he’s feeding you about us really paints an accurate picture.

Pakman has not so much as approached us to comment before allowing the odious hate group known as the SPLC bash the innocent men and women of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, who are incredibly easy to find and talk to…

And for you fat, wealthy, elitist, reactionary, pompous, self-serving liars at the SPLC (and yes Mr. Potok, I’m talking to you, you sociopathic, reactionary bigot): you are directly implicated in getting right-wingers murdered in this country. Which means you now have a body count sir, and that is something that, despite all your hateful bigoted lies and distortions, is something the Men’s Human Rights movement to date does not have. We’ve never been implicated in anyone’s murder, or even anyone’s assault, not by any rational standard–unlike you.

You and everybody who has given money to or supported the SPLC in the last few years most certainly has helped incite terror and murder.

And you lie about human rights activists, even as they put their lives on the line.

Do you ever wake up and ask yourself if you’re on the wrong side, David? I suspect you do.

Here’s a hint: you are.

Just a reminder: The animosity toward the SPLC by Dean Esmay and his cohorts stems from AVfM’s inclusion on a list of misogynist websites published by the SPLC in 2012. No, the SPLC has not been “directly tied to inspiring…murder.” I suppose when you don’t have much of a case against someone you might as well make something up out of thin air.