CoAlpha Forum Member Ponders Whether Raping White Women is a ‘Revolutionary Act’

I'm getting the strange feeling of deja vu.
I’m getting the strange feeling of deja vu.

“Eurasian males” are “humiliated” and “broken.” They “have no claim to their White Dad’s right to white women.” Europeans of Arabic descent are “about to be exterminated” and yet they “continue raping white women.” “That takes balls.” No, those aren’t the words of Elliot Rodger, but those of a member of the CoAlpha Reactionary Forum — a small online community of men whose views on women and society would embarrass all but the Taliban.

A new member who identifies as a “Hapa” — a Hawaiian term used to designate people of mixed ethnicity — and goes by the name “manofire” vents his frustration toward his racial heritage and his apparent inability to date white women:

Eurasian males are the humiliated degraded broken sons of White Dads. They have no claim to their White Dad’s right to white women.

Arab and Indian Men are just as rejected by white women, but at least they know how to rape them and turn them into sex slaves. Muslims are facing a Holocaust in Europe, but they are still not afraid to rape, and seduced into prostitution thousands of white girls.

You can blame dating on female choice. But the lack of Asian men raping white women, is solely the fault of the man.

Should Hapa men redeem themselves by raping white women in a revolutionary act?

His use of the phrase “revolutionary act” to describe rape is, as he acknowledges, borrowed from the late Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver. In Soul on Ice — a collection of prison essays released as a book in 1978 — Eldridge confessed to raping numerous women, both white and black, and called rape an “insurrectionary act.” “It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women…I felt I was getting revenge.”

Being of Asian and European heritage, manofire wondered if this should be the goal of other men like him:

Is the most revolutionary think Hapa boys can do rape White women who share the white race of their Fathers?

I’m not an advocate of criminality. I merely ask if Hapas are in the same revolutionary position as Eldridge Cleaver.

Is the Hapa destiny to be solved in the rape of white women?

It makes me kind of angry that they have turned me into such a loser. By letting the Asian race sink so low. Ok it is women who do the sexual selection. But Asian Men could rape more. They have so many comics about rape, but they dont actually rape. White women’s opinions don’t matter in rape. You can’t get rejected by rape. Look at Arab men. White Europe is on the verge of having a Holocaust against Arabs, but that doesn’t stop them from raping white women. Your about to be exterminated, and your still raping. That takes balls.

So yes as a Hapa guy, I do hate Asian men for not being rapists enough. Would it hurt my feelings if I had a reputation as a rapist based on my race? beats being a eunuch. rape is totally in the man’s control, and asian men can’t even do that. I never hear cases of Asian men raping white women. And if Arabs can do it so can they.

Am I hypocrite, since I;m not a rapist myself? Look I’m an aspie retard mutant freak, I could never pull it off. Is the whole Asian race, filled with man-children like me, who cant even rape?

Asian men have betrayed me in 2 ways. 1st they were assholes to me in person, throughout my life. and 2nd they have let their reputation and therfore my reputation sink to shit. And some forms of sex are in their control period.

This post is absolutely chilling, and to their very limited credit, other CoAlpha members refused to egg him on or agree with him. One poster even compared him (one would hope unfavorably) to Elliot Rodger. Even the website’s administrator fschmidt, who has made his share of appalling remarks about women, responded by saying that he found the post pointless. “I don’t care about rape. I don’t care about race. The question that interests me is what one wants out of life, and then how to get it.”

In turn, manofire left a link to a blog called The Pain of Eurasian Sons, run by someone who calls himself “hapaguy.” The blog appears to be a collection of posts from self-identified Hapa men, none of whom appear happy with their existence.

In one blog entry, a poster wrote, “What a tragic fucking Darwinian universe, in which we the Eurasian Males, who most care about the feelings of white girls, are forever doomed to be permavirgins. We are on the opposite side of the racial spectrum to the ghetto swagging gangsta. It seems like a cruel joke of the universe that Eurasian boys like me even exist. Is it possible for Eurasian boys to get a white girlfriend when we are biologically indisposed to hurting, dominating, or mistreating them?”

Another poster refers to himself as a “mutant from a nonhuman species” whom humans want to make miserable. “There are 8 million Hapa males, and none of us have had sex,” he complained. “WE are just ignored by the world. Our plight doesn’t exist to them. No people suffer more than us, and yet it is a hidden Holocaust. It is the worst crime in human history. The worst form of child abuse. Yet no one in the world gives a shit about Hapa suffering.”

In one of the final blog entries — perhaps by hapaguy himself, though it’s difficult to tell — states that Eurasians “are the answer to feminism and liberalism.” “Oriental women” are “beautiful, delicate, intelligent and loyal” though “their men are weeds.” On the other hand, “Germanic men” are “strong, manly and tall” while “their women are whores.”

“Our only hope,” he wrote, “is to bring Oriental women and Germanic men together. They will create the master race this planet needs to eradicate niggers, mudslimes[,] kikes, pakis and uber-liberals.”

In retrospect, much of this content — the self-pity, the entitlement, the misogyny, the racism, the desire to harm women — could have been ripped straight from Elliot Rodger’s manifesto. In retrospect, people could have seen the warning signs with Rodger, before he finally took the lives of several innocent people in Isla Vista last May. Certainly not everyone who expresses hatred of women or racial minorities will act violently toward them. Nor will everyone who expresses violent sentiment will make good on their statements. But sometimes, as we saw with the Isla Vista massacre and numerous racist murderers, they do. And we inevitably wish we would have paid more attention before it was too late.