Return of Kings Writer: ‘Game’ Could Have Prevented Andreas Lubitz From Committing Mass Murder

Andreas Lubitz

Following in the footsteps of Vox Day, Donovan Sharpe of Return of Kings wrote that “game” — that is, seduction techniques used by pickup artists to sleep with women — would have prevented Andreas Lubitz from deliberately crashing Germanwings Flight 9525 and killing all on board:

Since 9/11 our first reflex in any plane crash is to suspect terrorism. But an unexpected twist emerged as details of Lubitz’s mental health and broken relationship came to the forefront. Since then it’s become obvious that the event that caused his mental break and drove him to fly a plan into a mountain was being dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Kathrin Goldbach, who is pregnant with his child.

While it isn’t surprising this was predicted by an unplugged member of the [Manosphere], it’s worth noting that this event has much of the same stench as the Elliot Rodger mass murder and suicide last May and maybe even a dash of the Andrew Stern calamity.

There are differences to be sure, but the commonality these three events share is that lives were lost because a man lost his shit over his dealings with the opposite sex. The Germanwings crash only further confirms one of the many unshakable truths we teach in the ‘sphere: Game saves lives.

. . .

When a man lashes out and kills people over a woman, he’s got beta blood running through his veins. It’s reported that Lubitz was banging a stewardess on the side, but given his personality and behavior leading up to the crash, that can hardly be described as “alpha.”

. . .

Although Lubitz went out like a sniveling beta, believe it or not he actually had the tools to be an alpha. Yes, he was a control freak and yes, he sought validation from persons other than the man in the mirror.

But if we put on our neomasculine spectacles and read between the lines of these accounts, it’s quite easy to see that he had all the makings of a man who could tickle the loins of hot young females.

. . .

Both the media and the public at large wants to characterize this tragedy as the typical case of a demented male who went off his meds and killed a bunch of people. They are consistently highlighting Lubitz’s history of mental illnesses, his anxiety over losing his job, and the stash of pills they found at his place as the main causes for his psychotic break.

There’s no doubt those ingredients certainly played a role in his coming unglued, but red pillers know that being dumped by his fiancée is what pushed him over the edge. The world seems to be playing catch up and is starting to give a little more credence to what we already know to be true which, incidentally, only serves to further increase the perceived high value of females.

The raw truth to all of this is that had Lubitz had game this would not have happened. Game improves a man in every way imaginable but more importantly it also acts as a natural cure for mental illness. It’s very difficult for a man to slip into depression when his mind and body are strong.

A man who has a solid sense of self and overall satisfaction with both life and who he is as a person is a man who is all but immune to conditions like oneitis and homicidal or suicidal ideation. If Lubitz, Rodger, and Stern had even an ounce of neomasculine wisdom they and their victims might still be alive today.

Andreas Lubitz had all the makings of someone who could live a dominant and fulfilling life. He had a pretty young girl pregnant with his child and hopelessly committed to him, regular action with a flight attendant on the side, and an exciting profession which would have provided him with a enough money to live a comfortable life.

All he needed was a bit of game to solidify himself as a man. Unfortunately for him, 149 other people, and his unborn child, Lubitz never took the red pill.

Game saves lives, gentlemen, and you can bet your ass incidents like this will increase in frequency in the coming years.

The description of Lubitz appears to be one of a man who needlessly controlled the lives of his girlfriends. A man who struggled with mental illness. A man who couldn’t deal with his feelings of inadequacy and anger. In this sense, Lubitz isn’t any different from other male spree killers like George Sodini or Elliot Rodger. But the solution to these problems would be to overhaul our mental health system, not just in the U.S. but elsewhere, and to create a culture where men don’t see violence and killing as a solution to problems.

Sharpe, however, is using the mass murder of 149 people to promote sleazy seduction techniques and the foul idea that the solution to misogynist male rage is, well, more misogyny. He lays the blame for this tragedy at the feet of women who don’t “put out” and “beta males” who aren’t “Red Pill.” If only mass murderers the likes of Elliot Rodger or Andreas Lubitz could just get laid more often, then lonely, entitled men wouldn’t snap and hurt innocent people. This attitude is only a recipe for more tragedies.