Random Headlines — 4/04/15

Homophobic Car
Sometimes bumper stickers are the best indication of someone’s idiocy.

Think Progress – The conservative Christian movement that tried to make religious liberty about homophobia.
Talking Points Memo – Ex-boss of California’s ‘kill all gays’ lawyer says, ‘Go after him with a knife and fork.’
The New York Times – Transgender inmate’s hormone treatment lawsuit gets Justice Department backing.
AlterNet – In statutory rape case involving a teacher and student, the judge asks the courtroom, ‘What young man would not jump on that candy?’
Raw Story – Conservative comedian poses as an offensive gay stereotype and asks Muslim bakeries for wedding cakes.
Vox – Conservatives lost in Indiana, but they’re not going down without a fight.
Right Wing Watch – Mike Huckabee claims the gay community won’t rest until ‘there are no more churches.’
Hatewatch – In their latest meeting, European and American racists are set to gather in Belgium.