Random Headlines — 4/04/15


Mike Huckabee says LGBT people won’t stop until there are “no more churches,” white supremacists are set to meet in Belgium, Steven Crowder poses as an offensive gay stereotype to ask Muslim bakeries for wedding cakes, and more.

Think Progress – The conservative Christian movement that tried to make religious liberty about homophobia.
Talking Points Memo – Ex-boss of California’s ‘kill all gays’ lawyer says, ‘Go after him with a knife and fork.’
The New York Times – Transgender inmate’s hormone treatment lawsuit gets Justice Department backing.
AlterNet – In statutory rape case involving a teacher and student, the judge asks the courtroom, ‘What young man would not jump on that candy?’
Raw Story – Conservative comedian poses as an offensive gay stereotype and asks Muslim bakeries for wedding cakes.
Vox – Conservatives lost in Indiana, but they’re not going down without a fight.
Right Wing Watch – Mike Huckabee claims the gay community won’t rest until ‘there are no more churches.’
Hatewatch – In their latest meeting, European and American racists are set to gather in Belgium.