A ‘Fabulous Shoe Stepping on a Human Face Forever’: Bryan Fischer Rants About ‘Big Gay’

Bryan Fischer Big Gay
I’m not suggesting that Bryan Fischer is, in fact, a “Big Gay,” though it would explain a lot.

While Indiana continues to face backlash for its passage of a discriminatory “religious freedom” law, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced this morning that he would not sign an identical bill. And Bryan Fischer, the ex-Director of Issue Analysis for the rabidly anti-gay American Family Association, is taking the news about as well as you would think.

In a rambling series of Tweets, Fischer railed against “sodomy”, the “homosexual lobby” and something he calls “Big Gay.” The criticism that “Big Gay” has directed toward the Hoosier State, according to Fischer, only proves that LGBT Americans don’t favor marriage equality but rather “homosexual supremacy.” “The motto of the Gay Gestapo is ‘Gay Rights Uber Alles,'” he wrote.

Here are some more choice Tweets from Fischer’s online meltdown:

Bryan Fischer Tweet 1

Bryan Fischer Tweet 2

Bryan Fischer Tweet 3

Bryan Fischer Tweet 4

Bryan Fischer Tweet 5

Fischer’s snicker-inducing use of the phrase ‘Big Gay’ set off a chain reaction on Twitter, leading to sarcastic comments with the hashtag #BigGay. “I, for one, welcome our new homosexual overlords,” quipped Twitter user “it’s adri.” Joe Jervis of the blog Joe. My. God. Tweeted “#BigGay IS WATCHING YOU.” Chris Godfrey said he is a “huge fan of the term Big Gay,” adding that it “definitely needs to go mainstream.” Josh Lee Tweeted back in agreement. “We need a sparkly logo.” Another response: “Latest #BigGay fatwa: compulsory Margaret Cho tattoos on every hetero butt.” One person responded by paraphrasing George Orwell, asking readers to picture “a really fabulous shoe stepping on a human face forever.”

Interestingly enough there exists an ice cream parlor named Big Gay Ice Cream. When the owners learned of Fischer’s remarks, they appropriated the #BigGay hashtag for marketing purposes and thanked Fischer for the free publicity: “Thanks to @BryanJFischer for his help today. We went up 500 Twitter followers and #BigGay Ice Cream Book presales spiked. Kisses, Fishy!”

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