Random Headlines — 3/27/15

Raw Story – Texas woman throws Molotov cocktail outside Austin Planned Parenthood.
Talking Points Memo – Who is the mysterious lawyer behind California’s ‘kill all gays’ drive?
Think Progress – Retired St. Louis Cardinals player was punched and had racial slurs shouted at him at a St. Louis gas station.
Denver Post – GOP aghast at Gordon Klingenschmitt’s act-of-God comment in baby’s death.
Mother Jones – Indiana just made it easier to discriminate against gay people — and just about anyone else.
VICE – Former gang members are trying to snuff out violence in New York City.
The Guardian – Arizona law requires abortion providers to tell women the procedure is reversible.
Feministing – Report finds 80 percent of anti-Muslim attacks in France are against women.
The Nation – A rare victory for black voting rights in the South.