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    Today, so much emphasis is placed on what the victim should and shouldn’t do to avoid sexual assault. “Use the buddy system, cover your drinks, don’t stay out too late.” While this is always sound advice, it starts to seem a little ironic. Our society says that the victim is never to blame, but when the only literature that seems to be put out about rape prevention is aimed toward the victim, it almost seems like blame IS, in fact, placed on the victim. “You shouldn’t have worn that, you shouldn’t have said that, you shouldn’t have done this, you should have done that.” It sounds to me like the blame is being misplaced. I understand that the “tips” below are meant to be funny, but there is truth behind these “tips.” Society needs to hold the perpetrator accountable. When my rape occurred, I was just four years old. I wasn’t dressed provocatively, I wasn’t drunk, I didn’t walk home alone–not that those are EVER reasons to blame a victim. The tips given to individuals, however, do not prevent rape. They may offer sound advice, but these tips do not address the underlying issue. No one should ever have to go through the excruciating mental and physical pain that results from rape. I think it’s well passed time that everyone be taught about rape prevention and I feel that both sides should be addressed. Ignorance is used as a defense quite often, but when individuals have been educated, that ignorance ceases to defend. Educating everyone about what EXACTLY rape is would be a good start to preventative support. For those perpetrators who somehow truly didn’t know that what they did was disgusting and volatile, that rape might have been preventable had they known that that is what they were doing. Rape is not always preventable. However, prevention is key and education is the lock. Emphasis on rape education and information on prevention could open many doors. If I were to a write a tip sheet on prevention, my number one tip would be NO MEANS NO.

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