Random Headlines — 3/04/15

The New York Times – Department of Justice finds Ferguson police routinely violate the rights of blacks.

The Independent – Fewer big US companies are run by women than by guys named John.

Talking Points Memo – Fox guest Mark Levin says with Obama there’s more ‘rape’ than ever before in modern times.

Jacobin – The recent police killing of a homeless man in Los Angeles shows how the capitalist state treats the marginalized.

Think Progress – GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson says homosexuality is a choice, cites prison rape as proof.

Vox – The one sentence you need to understand France’s anti-Semitism crisis.

The Raw Story – Alex Jones says ‘bank robber type’ liberals plot to ‘kill everybody’ when nobody’s looking.

Right Wing Watch – Louie Gohmert claims that Obama is part of the ‘Ayatollah Caucus.’