ISIS Threatens to Throw Gays Off the ‘Leaning Tower of Pizza’

Leaning Tower of Pizza
Visual approximation.

An ISIS sympathizer going by the name of Abu Abdullah Britani sent a threatening Tweet to the people of Italy in which he vowed that the terrorist organization would “conquer” Rome and “establish the justice” of Shariah law. He also said that members of ISIS would throw gays off of the, ahem, Leaning Tower of Pizza. Via The Huffington Post:

An Islamic State (IS) supporter has been roundly mocked online after tweeting that he was coming to Italy and planned to throw homosexuals off the “leaning tower of pizza”.

Abu Abdullah Britani’s mistaken reference to the country’s famous leaning tower of Pisa landmark was met with jokes online as tweeters quipped “I’ll have the stuffed crust please” and “extra jalepenos on mine”.

. . .

Britani describes himself as a “citizen and soldier of Islamic State” and is based in ‘Khilafah’, another word for The Caliphate, the religious state which IS is trying to establish.

His reference to throwing homosexuals off buildings comes after several incidents where IS have thrown people to their deaths for being gay, in horrifying graphic scenes.

Britani’s Twitter account has since been suspended, but the original Tweet has already been immortalized online:

ISIS Tweet

Intimidation is difficult when you’re so unintentionally hilarious.