Random Headlines — Brief Hiatus Edition

For personal reasons (nothing bad, rest assured) I’ll be taking the next few days off from posting. In the meantime, here are some more news stories and articles to keep everyone informed:

Feministing – How we obsess over and then ignore violence against Muslim women.

Slate – In defense of the court-packing plan.

AlterNet – How and why women and people of color are overlooked at the Oscars.

The Daily Beast – Patricia Arquette’s Oscar acceptance speech demanded equality for women.

Jezebel – Columbia anti-rape protesters threatened with disciplinary action.

Right Wing Watch – Scott Lively warns that the Supreme Court could unleash the Antichrist by September 2015.

Jacobin – The legacy of Malcolm X.

The Root – Fox News affiliate anchor refers to Lady Gaga’s music as “jigaboo music” in front of her black co-anchor.

The Raw Story – Family of Alan Turing seeks pardons for 49,000 men prosecuted for homosexuality.

Media Matters – Fox host slams Patricia Arquette’s equal pay advocacy.