MGTOWers Are Ready for Hillary Clinton’s Matriarchal Tyranny

2016: All Men Must Die
Rejected 2016 slogan: ‘All Men Must Die’

It’s pretty much inevitable that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016, though how well her fundraising efforts will fare is, as of yet, unclear. Clinton, one of the country’s most successful female politicians and feminist icons, has long been a target of deranged misogynistic and homophobic diatribes. Powerful women in today’s America still threaten men — their strength makes them “bossy” or “bitchy”, or even closeted lesbians. And the feminist label threatens insecure, sexist men even more. Just take a look at MGTOW HQ’s discussion on Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming presidential run.

The thread’s original poster, “Pendragon”, is a teenager who finds Clinton unattractive and thinks it’s “possible” that a hypothetical Clinton administration might tax single men, enforce a mandatory curfew for men, and prohibit men from walking outside without being escorted by women:

As a near voting age person (along with the rest of my class) people are getting excited about next year’s election… Already. The champion of justice and peace? Hillary “women are more effected by war” Clinton. God. Have you seen her lately? No wonder Bill cheated. So, lots of the women in my class just lurve good old feminist Hillary simply because of what’s between her legs.

One girl even called her pretty. I laughed at that and, when yelled at by the harpies I explained that as a straight male I have the sole judgment on if a woman is pretty or not. I do NOT find Clinton attractive, in any way.

Another called her smart… I had no words for that. My dog knows when it screwed up. Mrs Clinton lacks the brainpower. If this person becomes the next president, which she will (I will give GIT, ENT, the deamon and whoever else takes me up on it a 12 pack if she isn’t elected) I don’t know what will happen.

Male curfews? Possible. It “prevents rape”
Make men have to be accompanied by a woman everywhere around children? Very possible..
A tax so single men HAVE to marry? Again, possible.

She is a feminist, and a very authoritarian person. I garuentee that men will be hit hardest under her reign. If only for the sake of “retribution for years of oppression.” it’s twisted and sick but, I want to see what critical mass is. I want to see Exactally how far the rabbit hole goes before it’s just an open hole of nothingness.

He also describes why masculinity is so totally necessary, and why grammar and proper spelling aren’t:

Recently I heard a comedy skit on masculinity on the radio as I was going to work. The comic was talking about how society didn’t need men to be strong and pumped up on testostrone or something. It was funny but, it made me kinda sad. Masculentiy IS needed. No matter if wars are fought with Kung-fu or by pushing buttons men need to be themselves. Freedom is key for that. If I want to fight another man and, he agrees the cops shouldn’t be in the equasion. Freedom of choice should trump any cupcakes “fears that they will hurt each other”. Even friendly sparrs are outright ban in some places where they are in my opinion good. (School, at houses, parks, and gyms)

Several posters hope she wins because they believe it will cause the destruction of America and/or feminism:

I kinda hope that cunt does win.

It’ll put paid to this shit society. She’ll destroy the last little bits that are left. – Entreri

I hope Hillary wins so we can really see society crumble to the ground.It’s the only way things will change around here; no more politicians pandering to the twats, no more man bashing, no more special privileges for women, & no more bullshit like rape culture & patriarchy. Sure, we will lose a lot of comforts that we love, but it’s for the greater good that this wrinkly old raisin in the sun wins the election. – Dr Van Nostrand

Absolutely agree, but still, I can’t wait to vote for the old bitch in 2016.

Can you imagine, is she wins she will be on TV almost every day?! I will finally, finally completely stop watching TV.

I doubt she will be elected, but I sure will give her the opportunity. – Zedesky

I hope she wins. Not because I like her, but because, unlike a man, her tyranny over the People will be allowed to go unchecked due to feminism and will bring on a new American civil war, which we needed back in the early 1990’s. I firmly believe that the soap box, ballot-box days are gone; our votes no longer count, leaving only one box left……. – The Shadow

“RejectionEquality” hopes she’ll fall victim to the glass cliff:

It will be like the 90s except worse.
I can’t wait to see her crack.
$20 says she loses her shit within 2 years of being in office.

Other MGTOWers remind us that Hillary is, in fact, old:

Heck, she might keel over and die. I mean, she looks fucking awful, even after she’s been “worked on” by her army of professionals. There’s a reason she’s staying out of the limelight, she looks like she’s a million years old. To win the White House you have to be either charismatic or good looking. She’s neither. I’m thinking that he Dems will nominate Warren instead. – Slade

Hillary served 4 years as O-bummer’s Secretary of State and then resigned, citing the exhaustion of the job. Come election time it will be 4 years later and she will be 4 years older. I think being POTUS is a lot more exhausting than Sec of State.

Plus, she will be 69 years old at election time, tying Reagan as oldest elected president. I just don’t see the American public (the majority anyway) voting for the old hag. – trajan

And to round it out “Hank Moody” — who, judging by his avatar, is a huge David Duchovny fan — gives us some Alex Jones-style paranoia about the “New World Order”:

The empty suit agent of change was getting groomed by the Global elite behind the scenes for several years . If some people assume that he just came out nowhere, and put that upset victory you are mistaken. They gave Bush Jr many orders so he could become so unpopular that an empty suit could become president. The American Presidents are selected several years in advance because of the Global government stuff..

I dont think this witch will ever be POTUS, she is not a good liar, and the elite need good liars to keep fucking America, and eventually bring the New World order. I think the next president will be a Rino Republican. Then after that the Demos will have a Twat as POTUS. Hillbeast wants the job, but the elite is skeptical of her.

I don’t think these sexist dudebros quite understand what the president actually has the power to do.