Random Headlines — 2/19/15

LGBTQ Nation – Parents say that Michigan pediatrician refused to care for their baby because they’re lesbians.

Talking Points Memo – Do you realize how much jeopardy Obamacare is in?

Salon – The right’s latest rape lunacy: Guns on campus won’t prevent rape — but they will put women in jail for self-defense.

The Raw Story – California priest demands elementary kids confess to adultery, sodomy, and premature sterilizations.

Slate – One thing domestic violence victims need is lawyers.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Pickup guru Roosh V wants to end rape by legalizing it.

Feministing – Jessica Williams responds to accusation of ‘imposter syndrome’.

The Huffington Post – Isaac Latterell, South Dakota lawmaker, says Planned Parenthood is worse than ISIS.

Buzzfeed – Judge rules that a florist broke the law by denying service for a gay wedding.

Austin-American Statesman – Travis County clerk issues first legal gay marriage license in Texas.