Random Headlines — 2/15/15


Mat Staver calls homosexuality “deadly,” Kate Brown becomes our nation’s first bisexual state executive, Arkansas passes a Duggar-inspired anti-LGBT bill, and more.

Raw Story – Woman tortured by boyfriend told by court to write letters to her attacker or face jail.

Right Wing Watch – Mat Staver calls homosexuality ‘very deadly and damaging.’

AlterNet – Oregon’s incoming governor, Kate Brown, is our nation’s first bisexual state executive.

Salon – Arkansas passes odious anti-LGBT discrimination bill — and Michelle Duggar helped inspire it.

Feministing – Has your state introduced an anti-choice bill yet this year?

Talking Points Memo – We shouldn’t have to tell the Daily Show to hire a woman.

Media Matters – Journalism experts condemn NOLA.com’s misgendering of transgender shooting victim.

Think Progress – The Obama administration is quietly racking up court victories for birth control, despite Hobby Lobby.