Paul Elam Doubles Down Following Buzzfeed Exposé: “As the attacks step up, so will I”

The Cash-In of the Christ
The Cash-In of the Christ

After a devastating article revealing the sordid details of Paul Elam’s past was published on Buzzfeed News, Elam responded in his usual way: Cursing his opponents, calling everyone else a liar, and basking in his own martyr complex, of course. MRAs constantly cloak themselves in the language of the oppressed and marginalized, and incidentally there is no bigger victim than Paul Elam.

Here’s some of Paul Elam’s epic mantrum:

Just last night Buzzfeed published an attack piece on me in the most personal of ways, by digging over 30 years into my past and gathering or paying for statements from my ex-wife and my estranged daughter (referred to by Buzzfeed as “Bonnie”). Very few of you will know I have an estranged daughter. I have the hope in reading this you will understand why I never dragged this part of my life into the public arena.

To make that more explicit I have elected in the past to never speak about this part of my life. I made that decision because the nature of my work subjects me and those close to me to attacks routinely. I did not want to subject anyone to that unnecessarily.

[. . .]

My wife was indeed very enthusiastic about sex. The naivety of my youth also made me pretty blind to the fact that her sexual enthusiasm wasn’t limited to me. There was an unending string of affairs. By the time we separated Bonnie had been born and my ex was pregnant again. As the relationship ended, I learned of even more affairs from friends who were silent while we were together.

It was at this time, when I was confronting her about what she had done, that she revealed to me that she had been “raped,” though it was not by a friend of mine. It was a friend of hers. Given her ongoing dishonesty about the affairs and many inconsistencies she related about the alleged rape, I did not believe her. I still don’t. She cheated and lied constantly.

[. . .]

As to more recent events, I can only suspect that money or anger or possibly both have driven Bonnie to deceit. You have read a story that tells you I was more interested in fancy living than in family. You were told that I spanked my grandson, with the implication that this is why she left without returning my calls (which Serwer takes the liberty to twist into my leaving her again).

That is not what happened. As in all interpersonal matters, things are much more complicated than short, easy to digest versions fit for Buzzfeed reading level.

[. . .]

So now, as AVFM continues to grow, I know that I will increasingly be targeted and by people willing to invest much more time and money in doing so. After a long, emotional and sleepless night last night, I am no less committed to seeing this through than I was the day before. Nothing has changed, except perhaps that some of you know me a little better now.

See you all in Houston for ICMI15.

Poor Paul Elam. Always the “target” of treacherous feminists and members of the mainstream media. He even compared Buzzfeed’s Rosie the Riveter parody to a piece of antisemitic, Nazi-era propaganda, as if the two were remotely similar. Sure, Paul. I bet those feminists are already prepping their secret gas chambers for your arrival.

AVfM Eternal Jew

No doubt this is just going to be used to bilk his followers for extra donations which Elam will spend on “none of your fucking business.” Actually, judging from the comments section it’s already started. AVfM commenter “Oliver Bailey” wrote that the Buzzfeed article “helped get me over the line to make my first donation to AVFM.” And someone going by the name “Not buying it” wrote that the article “proves whom are the real A’ holes ,feminazi scum” and that “my donations or contributions to AVfM will double.” I can only speculate as to when the next donation drive will occur.