Random Headlines — 2/05/15


Pope Francis approves anti-gay initiatives in Slovakia, an ethics complaint is filed after Roy Moore ignores same-sex marriage ruling, anti-gay activist warns of parent-child and self-marriage, and more.

Think Progress – The full story of the ‘poster children’ conservatives are using to oppose gay marriage.

Feministing – Supreme Court says firing women for breastfeeding isn’t discrimination.

Mother Jones – Meet the witches, lesbian separatists, and other brave feminists who shook up the 60s and 70s.

Joe. My. God. – Pope Francis endorses public vote to ban gay marriage and adoption in Slovakia.

Right Wing Watch – Bob Vander Plaats says his warnings of parent-child marriage, self-marriage are ‘starting to come true.’

Media Matters – Fox reporter gets facts backwards in story about anti-gay cake bakers.

DiversityInc. – Alabama Chief Justice ignores same-sex marriage ruling; ethics complaint filed.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Has pickup guru ‘Heartiste’ ever actually seen a human vagina?