Random Headlines — 2/03/15


Gamergate’s legacy of harassment lives on, Fox News defends Bryan Fischer’s bigotry, Michael Schiavo says Jeb Bush put him “through hell,” and more.

We Hunted the Mammoth – #GamerGate may be fading, but its deranged harassment lives on.

Think Progress – Oregon bakery found culpable for anti-gay discrimination, could face $150,000 fine.

Equality Matters – When Fox News defended Bryan Fischer’s anti-gay extremism.

Mother Jones – The strict abortion ban that abortion foes fear.

The Nation – Why is domestic violence survivor Marissa Alexander still being punished for fighting back?

The Daily Beast – Is the media capable of covering Bruce Jenner’s transition with respect?

Politico – Michael Schiavo: Jeb Bush ‘Put me through hell.’

Slate – American Muslim women open first female-only mosque in the U.S.