Random Headlines — 2/01/15


Tony Perkins says Christians are being persecuted by photos of gay people, George Zimmerman keeps getting away with terrible things, Mike Huckabee compares homosexuality to drinking alcohol, and more.

Hatewatch – RNC silent about Israel trip sponsored by the American Family Association.

Jezebel – Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee compares homosexuality to other “lifestyle choices” like drinking alcohol and swearing.

Joe. My. God. – ACT UP pickets the Human Rights Campaign’s gala in NYC.

Media Matters – Rush Limbaugh is “not opposed to a hottie being picked” for vice president on the 2016 ticket.

Right Wing Watch – Tony Perkins says that gays “persecute” Christians by making them view photos of gay people on Facebook.

Mother Jones – England just established “yes means yes” guidelines for police investigating rape.

Democracy Now! – A new film, The Hunting Ground, exposes how colleges cover up sexual assault and fail to protect students.

AlterNet – No, there’s no uptick of sexual slavery around the Super Bowl.

Salon – Defense in horrific gang rape wants guilty verdict vacated because a juror was a victim of sexual assault.

Think Progress – Why George Zimmerman keeps getting away with it.