Random Headlines — Brief Hiatus Edition

For personal reasons (nothing bad, rest assured) I’ll be taking the next few days off from posting. In the meantime, here are some more news stories and articles to keep everyone informed:

Feministing – How we obsess over and then ignore violence against Muslim women.

Slate – In defense of the court-packing plan.

AlterNet – How and why women and people of color are overlooked at the Oscars.

The Daily Beast – Patricia Arquette’s Oscar acceptance speech demanded equality for women.

Jezebel – Columbia anti-rape protesters threatened with disciplinary action.

Right Wing Watch – Scott Lively warns that the Supreme Court could unleash the Antichrist by September 2015.

Jacobin – The legacy of Malcolm X.

The Root – Fox News affiliate anchor refers to Lady Gaga’s music as “jigaboo music” in front of her black co-anchor.

The Raw Story – Family of Alan Turing seeks pardons for 49,000 men prosecuted for homosexuality.

Media Matters – Fox host slams Patricia Arquette’s equal pay advocacy.

Random Headlines — Trans Exclusionary Radfem Edition

Slate – Can cis lesbians and trans women learn to get along?

Salon – The hate group masquerading as feminists. (Originally published Jul. 11, 2013)

The TransAdvocate – NewStatesman columnist compares criticism of TERFs to a McCarthyite witch hunt.

Vox – Pope Francis compared the arguments for transgender rights to nuclear weapons.

The Huffington Post – Ohio and the epidemic of anti-transgender violence.

Buzzfeed – Trans inmate sues Georgia prisons over sexual assault and hormone denial.

The Mary Sue – The media aren’t the only ones failing transgender women of color.

USA Today – Army considers easing policy on transgender soldiers.

Random Headlines — 2/19/15

LGBTQ Nation – Parents say that Michigan pediatrician refused to care for their baby because they’re lesbians.

Talking Points Memo – Do you realize how much jeopardy Obamacare is in?

Salon – The right’s latest rape lunacy: Guns on campus won’t prevent rape — but they will put women in jail for self-defense.

The Raw Story – California priest demands elementary kids confess to adultery, sodomy, and premature sterilizations.

Slate – One thing domestic violence victims need is lawyers.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Pickup guru Roosh V wants to end rape by legalizing it.

Feministing – Jessica Williams responds to accusation of ‘imposter syndrome’.

The Huffington Post – Isaac Latterell, South Dakota lawmaker, says Planned Parenthood is worse than ISIS.

Buzzfeed – Judge rules that a florist broke the law by denying service for a gay wedding.

Austin-American Statesman – Travis County clerk issues first legal gay marriage license in Texas.

Random Headlines — 2/15/15

The Raw Story – Woman tortured by boyfriend told by court to write letters to her attacker or face jail.

Right Wing Watch – Mat Staver calls homosexuality ‘very deadly and damaging.’

AlterNet – Oregon’s incoming governor, Kate Brown, is our nation’s first bisexual state executive.

Salon – Arkansas passes odious anti-LGBT discrimination bill — and Michelle Duggar helped inspire it.

Feministing – Has your state introduced an anti-choice bill yet this year?

Talking Points Memo – We shouldn’t have to tell the Daily Show to hire a woman.

Media Matters – Journalism experts condemn NOLA.com’s misgendering of transgender shooting victim.

Think Progress – The Obama administration is quietly racking up court victories for birth control, despite Hobby Lobby.

Random Headlines — Misandrist Valentine’s Day Edition


Salon – ’50 Shades’ of coercive sex: The movie is even worse than the book.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Roosh V writes revenge fantasy about the murder of a “Social Justice Warrior” blogger.

The New York Times – U.S. orders Alabama to license gay unions.

The Raw Story – ‘Redneck News’ correspondent looks for evidence that same-sex marriage is destroying Alabama.

Feministing – Saudi Arabian historian claims ban on women drivers protects them from rape.

Bloomberg.com – Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks Americans are ready for marriage equality.

Jezebel – Emile Hirsch charged for choking a woman he was angry at for ‘being rich.’

Talking Points Memo – Boko Haram uses kidnapped Nigerian school girls as model for new victims.

Think Progress – Chelsea Manning approved to receive hormone therapy in Army prison.

AlterNet – Angry, armed and white: The typical profile of America’s most violent extremists.

Random Headlines — 2/11/15

Kansas City Star – Gov. Sam Brownback rescinds protected-class status for LGBT state workers in Kansas.

Salon – Black girls are suspended six times more often than white girls.

Hatewatch – Klan group issues ‘call to arms’ over Alabama same-sex marriage ruling.

Media Matters – Bill O’Reilly invites hate group representative to attack SPLC after Ben Carson added to ‘extremist files.’

Talking Points Memo – MLK’s mother was assassinated, too: The forgotten women of Black History Month.

Think Progress – Conservatives seize on hugely flawed study about same-sex parents.

The Raw Story – Men’s rights activist Paul Elam: ‘I don’t think men are oppressed.’

Politico – The GOP’s Alabama problem: Candidates confront the issue of states’ rights — again.

Random Headlines — 2/08/15

Salon – Margaret Atwood visits West Point for a frank conversation on gender, politics and oppression.

Talking Points Memo – Fox Guest: Mandatory vaccinations could lead to ‘forced abortion.’

Politico – Face of Supreme Court case hates Obama, Obamacare.

AlterNet – West Virginia Republican says rape can be ‘beautiful’ if it produces a child.

BBC News – Slovakia referendum to strengthen same-sex marriage ban fails.

Right Wing Watch – Christian Anti-Defamation Commission president Gary Cass says we can avoid abortion rape exceptions by executing rapists.

Mother Jones – America’s newest diplomat will defend LGBT people around the world.

AL.com – Thousands petition Attorney General Luther Strange: Drop appeal of same-sex marriage ruling, ‘stand on the right side of history.’

The Raw Story – ‘Obsessed’ Coast Guardsman charged in fatal attack on lesbian couple.

Feministing – A new study finds colleges underreport sexual violence.