Racist, Homophobic Street Artist ‘Sabo’ Speaks at CPAC

'Sabo' reveals his face
‘Sabo’ reveals his face

You’ve probably never heard of right-wing guerrilla artist ‘Sabo’ before, but you may be familiar with his work in the form of his tattooed Ted Cruz posters or horribly sexist Wendy Davis ‘Abortion Barbie’ ads that cropped up prior to the midterm elections. Sabo, who previously blurred out his face in photographs to remain anonymous, spends his time creating propaganda for the establishment. But judging by his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (“CPAC”), he thinks of himself as a true rebel. Shepard Fairey? Banksy? Mere liberal tools who are “in the south of France, circle-jerking each other from the money they make selling anti-capitalism art.” As Sabo put it, “We are the rebellion. I ask that you join us. I ask that you support us.” “Rebellion” in this case being racist caricatures, racial and sexual slurs, overt misogyny and Nazi imagery.

Here are some of Sabo’s greatest hits*:

1. “April 15th Pimp”

Obama PimpOne of the popular racist memes about President Obama is one which depicts him as a stereotypical pimp. Former New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino infamously forwarded (among other things) a photo which depicted President Obama as a blaxploitation pimp and Michelle Obama as a prostitute.

According to Sabo, the inspiration for the piece came from “a speech by Our Great Great Leader, Dip Shit” in which he said “something to the effect of, ‘I have to get the American people back to work so they can start paying their taxes.'” “It’s like he thinks he’s our pimp, we’re his hoes, and April 15th is when he rolls up and pimp slaps us for ‘HIS MONEY!'”

2. “Burka”

Beyonce Burka

Sabo dabbles in Islamophobia too. Feigning concern for the rights of women, some of his street art includes painting face coverings onto photos of women. “Hollywood insists I embrace the muslim faith well ok,” said Sabo. “I’ll embrace it by painting nijabs on the faces of the starlets on their movie posters.”

His reason behind this campaign was the supposed hypocrisy of liberals who “spent the past hand full of decades dragging Christians through the mud because of their belief in God” while supporting “a religion more behind the times than any Christian church.”

3. “F*g is the New N*gger”

Fag the New N-word

A truly revolting piece of stencil work, Sabo claims he got the idea from something he heard a gay man say before. That is, if you can believe him. And even if you can, that doesn’t give him the right to use racist and homophobic slurs with abandon. I’d inquire as to whether or not the CPAC organizers knew about this garbage, but seeing as though they booked a White Nationalist (again), I’d say it isn’t one of their top concerns.

4. “Big Brutha”

Big Brother Obama

Exactly as racist as it looks and sounds. This faux-Ebonics parody of a 1984 propaganda poster was a reaction to the NSA’s PRISM program. Like the anti-Muslim artwork, I’d be surprised if Sabo actually cared about the issue at hand rather than just using the domestic spying scandal to score points against Democratic leaders.

So while Sabo complained that “Nixon bugged an office, Obama bugged the world,” the PRISM program actually began under President George W. Bush. I get the feeling that if the current president were a Republican, we’d be getting a very different art piece.

5. “Abortion Barbie”

Abortion BarbieFollowing Wendy Davis’ 2013 filibuster of former governor Rick Perry’s draconian omnibus anti-abortion bill, she became known as a champion of reproductive rights in left-wing circles, and a villain to the religious right. RedState’s Erick Erickson, who once called Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat fucking child molester,” mocked Davis as “Abortion Barbie” and joked that liberal women should stock up on coat hangers.

Perhaps it was this that inspired Sabo’s infamous “Abortion Barbie” piece which was plastered around LA in 2014. Ostensibly seizing on the loony myth that abortion providers target black babies, Sabo wrote that his original idea was “of this huge pair of scissors coming down on a black fetus that I was going to cut from this 2001 looking monolith piece of foam core I have sitting in my living room.” Eventually he opted for the Barbie design, displaying the children’s doll with a fetus in its abdomen and Davis’ face superimposed over the original. A black baby sits next to the Barbie doll with a pair of scissors dangling above it for good measure.

6. “The Gayfather”

The GayfatherThis piece takes on the right’s insidious “homosexual lobby” bogeyman and combines it with a parody of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. 2014’s resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich (as well as lawsuits against photographers, bakers, and florists who’ve refused service to gay and lesbian couples) breathed new life into the “gay mafia” meme.

Even quasi-liberal comedian Bill Maher said that if you cross “them” you “get whacked.” Or, as Sabo put it, “the Gay Lobby goes after those who don’t agree with their life style,” often seeking to have them fired. “Cross the Gay Mafia and they will pop a cock in your ass!”

7. “Cult of Personality”

Obama HitlerTea Partiers have often made ridiculous comparisons between Obama and Hitler. In fact, it’s so commonplace that one writer at Slate compiled a list of his favorite examples. So it’s no wonder that Sabo would turn a violation of Godwin’s law into an artistic achievement. Taking the design from Nazi-era flags, Sabo simply switched out the swastika image for that of Barack Obama’s ‘O’ logo. “Not since Hilter [sic] has a politician so successfully used a logo or icon to represent his movement,” said Sabo, “so I replaced the swastika with Obama’s ‘O’ rising sun logo. HEIL OBAMA!!!”

For many, comparisons between anyone and Adolf Hitler is insulting and insensitive to those who died in the Holocaust. In fact, Sabo writes about one such encounter with a “little jewish [sic] hipster” whose grandfather survived the Nazis’ extermination. “My first thought was, ‘Piss off!’ but I managed to contain myself enough to engage him. I told him this,’The problem with placing Hitler on some ‘ultimate evil pedestal’ is a dangerous thing to do because in doing so you’ve created the impression that such an evil could never be reached by any other politician again.'” The flags were thus intended to serve as a reminder”that evil did and does exist.” Frustrated, Sabo’s critic walked away, and he ends his tale by sanctimoniously declaring: “That Jew forgot.”

8. “My Political Worth”

Obama Black SkinAnother trope on the far right is that is that they’re really, truly not racist, no matter what you hear. To be sure, many are not. Yet plenty of them engage in racist dog-whistles (e.g. Obama is the “food stamp president”), have ties to white supremacists, and embrace policies which disproportionately harm people of color. That said, the corollary is that African-Americans are the real racists for always discussing race — what is known as “playing the race card” — and for casting a vote for America’s first black president.

Sabo joins the chorus of rightwingers who declared the overwhelming support for Obama on behalf of the black community (and guilty white liberals) to be “racist.” In a piece called “My Political Worth” he depicts Obama proudly standing with a blade in one hand and his sliced off flesh in the other. Phrases such as “BIGOTS VOTED FOR BLACK SKIN” and “DRONE KING” are scrawled in marker next to it. On his website Sabo wrote, “If you voted for Obama because you wanted to be a part of history by voting for the first black President then you are not only an idiot who is too stupid to vote, you are a bigot.”

9. “USSA”

Hillary CommunistIt wouldn’t be right-wing art without good, old-fashioned, McCarthy-era red-baiting, now would it? There isn’t a whole lot to say about this piece except 1) Sabo really hates Hillary Clinton and 2) believes her to be a Communist for some reason.

Or, to be more precise, Sabo believes her to be “our Communist Darling, Feminist High Mistress.” And if I’m being completely honest, that’s a pretty kickass title to have.

10. “Breitbart California Launch”

Pelosi TwerkingThe poster that made Sabo a darling of the right was one that was commissioned on behalf of Breitbart.com for last year’s launch of ‘Breitbart California’. It’s comical portrayal of Governor Jerry Brown as a body builder was innocuous enough, but it was the depiction of a scantily clad Nancy Pelosi, tongue lolling and body bent over in a Miley Cyrus-esque twerking pose that was immediately declared sexist by both sides of the aisle.

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz called it “foul, offensive, and disrespectful to all women” as well as “a disgusting new low” for Republicans. Pelosi herself called it “tasteless.” Even Fox News host Howard Kurtz condemned the poster, saying that it was “pretty low” before concluding that “people on the right and the left should denounce this kind of ugliness.” When you’ve lost Fox News over your misogyny, you know you’ve gone too far.

*Unless stated otherwise, all art piece images were taken directly from Sabo’s personal website UNSAVORYAGENTS.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that he enjoys talking about the “problem with Jews”:


He also called black musician Questlove a “monkey”:

Sabo Tweet

ISIS Threatens to Throw Gays Off the ‘Leaning Tower of Pizza’

Leaning Tower of Pizza
Visual approximation.

An ISIS sympathizer going by the name of Abu Abdullah Britani sent a threatening Tweet to the people of Italy in which he vowed that the terrorist organization would “conquer” Rome and “establish the justice” of Shariah law. He also said that members of ISIS would throw gays off of the, ahem, Leaning Tower of Pizza. Via The Huffington Post:

An Islamic State (IS) supporter has been roundly mocked online after tweeting that he was coming to Italy and planned to throw homosexuals off the “leaning tower of pizza”.

Abu Abdullah Britani’s mistaken reference to the country’s famous leaning tower of Pisa landmark was met with jokes online as tweeters quipped “I’ll have the stuffed crust please” and “extra jalepenos on mine”.

. . .

Britani describes himself as a “citizen and soldier of Islamic State” and is based in ‘Khilafah’, another word for The Caliphate, the religious state which IS is trying to establish.

His reference to throwing homosexuals off buildings comes after several incidents where IS have thrown people to their deaths for being gay, in horrifying graphic scenes.

Britani’s Twitter account has since been suspended, but the original Tweet has already been immortalized online:

ISIS Tweet

Intimidation is difficult when you’re so unintentionally hilarious.

Random Headlines — Brief Hiatus Edition

For personal reasons (nothing bad, rest assured) I’ll be taking the next few days off from posting. In the meantime, here are some more news stories and articles to keep everyone informed:

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MGTOWers Are Ready for Hillary Clinton’s Matriarchal Tyranny

2016: All Men Must Die
Rejected 2016 slogan: ‘All Men Must Die’

It’s pretty much inevitable that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016, though how well her fundraising efforts will fare is, as of yet, unclear. Clinton, one of the country’s most successful female politicians and feminist icons, has long been a target of deranged misogynistic and homophobic diatribes. Powerful women in today’s America still threaten men — their strength makes them “bossy” or “bitchy”, or even closeted lesbians. And the feminist label threatens insecure, sexist men even more. Just take a look at MGTOW HQ’s discussion on Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming presidential run.

The thread’s original poster, “Pendragon”, is a teenager who finds Clinton unattractive and thinks it’s “possible” that a hypothetical Clinton administration might tax single men, enforce a mandatory curfew for men, and prohibit men from walking outside without being escorted by women:

As a near voting age person (along with the rest of my class) people are getting excited about next year’s election… Already. The champion of justice and peace? Hillary “women are more effected by war” Clinton. God. Have you seen her lately? No wonder Bill cheated. So, lots of the women in my class just lurve good old feminist Hillary simply because of what’s between her legs.

One girl even called her pretty. I laughed at that and, when yelled at by the harpies I explained that as a straight male I have the sole judgment on if a woman is pretty or not. I do NOT find Clinton attractive, in any way.

Another called her smart… I had no words for that. My dog knows when it screwed up. Mrs Clinton lacks the brainpower. If this person becomes the next president, which she will (I will give GIT, ENT, the deamon and whoever else takes me up on it a 12 pack if she isn’t elected) I don’t know what will happen.

Male curfews? Possible. It “prevents rape”
Make men have to be accompanied by a woman everywhere around children? Very possible..
A tax so single men HAVE to marry? Again, possible.

She is a feminist, and a very authoritarian person. I garuentee that men will be hit hardest under her reign. If only for the sake of “retribution for years of oppression.” it’s twisted and sick but, I want to see what critical mass is. I want to see Exactally how far the rabbit hole goes before it’s just an open hole of nothingness.

He also describes why masculinity is so totally necessary, and why grammar and proper spelling aren’t:

Recently I heard a comedy skit on masculinity on the radio as I was going to work. The comic was talking about how society didn’t need men to be strong and pumped up on testostrone or something. It was funny but, it made me kinda sad. Masculentiy IS needed. No matter if wars are fought with Kung-fu or by pushing buttons men need to be themselves. Freedom is key for that. If I want to fight another man and, he agrees the cops shouldn’t be in the equasion. Freedom of choice should trump any cupcakes “fears that they will hurt each other”. Even friendly sparrs are outright ban in some places where they are in my opinion good. (School, at houses, parks, and gyms)

Several posters hope she wins because they believe it will cause the destruction of America and/or feminism:

I kinda hope that cunt does win.

It’ll put paid to this shit society. She’ll destroy the last little bits that are left. – Entreri

I hope Hillary wins so we can really see society crumble to the ground.It’s the only way things will change around here; no more politicians pandering to the twats, no more man bashing, no more special privileges for women, & no more bullshit like rape culture & patriarchy. Sure, we will lose a lot of comforts that we love, but it’s for the greater good that this wrinkly old raisin in the sun wins the election. – Dr Van Nostrand

Absolutely agree, but still, I can’t wait to vote for the old bitch in 2016.

Can you imagine, is she wins she will be on TV almost every day?! I will finally, finally completely stop watching TV.

I doubt she will be elected, but I sure will give her the opportunity. – Zedesky

I hope she wins. Not because I like her, but because, unlike a man, her tyranny over the People will be allowed to go unchecked due to feminism and will bring on a new American civil war, which we needed back in the early 1990’s. I firmly believe that the soap box, ballot-box days are gone; our votes no longer count, leaving only one box left……. – The Shadow

“RejectionEquality” hopes she’ll fall victim to the glass cliff:

It will be like the 90s except worse.
I can’t wait to see her crack.
$20 says she loses her shit within 2 years of being in office.

Other MGTOWers remind us that Hillary is, in fact, old:

Heck, she might keel over and die. I mean, she looks fucking awful, even after she’s been “worked on” by her army of professionals. There’s a reason she’s staying out of the limelight, she looks like she’s a million years old. To win the White House you have to be either charismatic or good looking. She’s neither. I’m thinking that he Dems will nominate Warren instead. – Slade

Hillary served 4 years as O-bummer’s Secretary of State and then resigned, citing the exhaustion of the job. Come election time it will be 4 years later and she will be 4 years older. I think being POTUS is a lot more exhausting than Sec of State.

Plus, she will be 69 years old at election time, tying Reagan as oldest elected president. I just don’t see the American public (the majority anyway) voting for the old hag. – trajan

And to round it out “Hank Moody” — who, judging by his avatar, is a huge David Duchovny fan — gives us some Alex Jones-style paranoia about the “New World Order”:

The empty suit agent of change was getting groomed by the Global elite behind the scenes for several years . If some people assume that he just came out nowhere, and put that upset victory you are mistaken. They gave Bush Jr many orders so he could become so unpopular that an empty suit could become president. The American Presidents are selected several years in advance because of the Global government stuff..

I dont think this witch will ever be POTUS, she is not a good liar, and the elite need good liars to keep fucking America, and eventually bring the New World order. I think the next president will be a Rino Republican. Then after that the Demos will have a Twat as POTUS. Hillbeast wants the job, but the elite is skeptical of her.

I don’t think these sexist dudebros quite understand what the president actually has the power to do.

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Random Headlines — 2/19/15

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Random Headlines — 2/15/15

The Raw Story – Woman tortured by boyfriend told by court to write letters to her attacker or face jail.

Right Wing Watch – Mat Staver calls homosexuality ‘very deadly and damaging.’

AlterNet – Oregon’s incoming governor, Kate Brown, is our nation’s first bisexual state executive.

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Random Headlines — Misandrist Valentine’s Day Edition

Love is in the air Credit: Buzzfeed
Love is in the air
Credit: Buzzfeed

Salon – ’50 Shades’ of coercive sex: The movie is even worse than the book.

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