Random Headlines — 1/30/15


Bakeries took center stage in the same-sex marriage war, inside the misogynistic men’s right’s movement, Chief Justice John Roberts strengthened the powerful at the expense of the powerless, and more.

VICE – How bakeries got caught in the middle of the gay marriage war.

Mother Jones – Inside the men’s rights movement — and the army of misogynists and trolls it spawned.

Raw Story – The all female Ghostbusters movie is announced, destroying the last vestige of manhood in America.

Talking Points Memo – Idaho publisher explains why his paper ran a front page anti-gay ad.

Feministing – A critique of Christina Hoff Sommers’ article on campus rape.

Right Wing Watch – Meet David Lane, the anti-gay Christian-nation extremist of the RNC.

The Atlantic – The sophisticated bigotry of Bobby Jindal.

The Nation – How the Roberts Court strengthened the powerful at the expense of everyone else.