Random Headlines — 1/26/15


Extremists gather for Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally, an Oklahoma lawmaker introduces three anti-gay bills, how the U.S. Pastor Council is trying to repeal anti-discrimination laws in Texas, and more.

Right Wing Watch – Bobby Jindal’s extremist prayer rally brings together prophets, bigots and far-right activists.

Salon – Fertility is not a “disease.” How extremists fundamentally misunderstand contraception.

Think Progress – Rep. Sally Kern (R – OK) introduced three bills to discriminate against gay people.

Talking Points Memo – Gay Ala. lawmaker threatens to reveal her colleagues’ marital infidelities if they continue to oppose same-sex marriage in the name of “family values.”

Jezebel – Doctors are right, and politicians are wrong, on prescribing abortion drugs.

Media Matters – Meet the U.S. Pastor Council, the group working to repeal Texas’ non-discrimination laws.

Feministing – Colorado lawmaker says IUDs stop “a small child from implanting.”

AlterNet – Ten ridiculous products made especially for men or women.