Larry Wilmore Skewers Bill Cosby Over Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby Credit:
Bill Cosby

Since last year it has been apparent that Bill Cosby’s dark, horrifying past is finally catching up with him. The aging comedian has seen TV shows pulled from syndication or aborted before their premiere. Hecklers and protesters follow him to his live stand-up shows as he doggedly tries to shield himself from criticism for having drugged and raped over thirty women. His scandal has also been fodder for late night comedy, including South ParkConanReal Time with Bill Maher, and the 72nd Golden Globe Awards starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. But perhaps the greatest take down, in my opinion, was from Larry Wilmore on his fledgling Nightly Show. Wilmore declared Cosby guilty, and wondered why so many people refuse to believe his accusers — or rape victims in general, for that matter. See a clip from his opening segment here:

But my favorite part of the episode happens later during the panel discussion, when one of the guests tries to use the “innocent until proven guilty” reasoning to dismiss the allegations. Wilmore’s response? “This is the court of public opinion, and this is my show. That [expletive] did it. …  The proof is common sense, for Christ’s sake. We don’t have to turn off our brain just because the law says we’re not supposed to make assumptions.” Amen, Larry, way to keep it 100.