Incel Misogynist Brags About Intentionally Knocking Women Down

Angry Incel

Another day, another sad, angry virgin raging against women online. The relatively new blog Rants of an Incel is run by a “43 year old incel man” who rails against “the female collective” which committed the unpardonable crime of not throwing themselves at his feet.

“There is little difference between one woman and the next,” he wrote in the “About” section. “They all behave the same way and they are all attracted to same dumbass, useless men(the badboy), making useless spawn which my tax dollars are stolen from me to fund.  This is why they love liberalism/socialism/communism, it is hypocrisy at its finest.”

In a particularly disturbing post, he explains how he’s made a game of intentionally bumping into women on the street, which he calls “Bump-O-Cunt-O”:

I am originally from a very large urban area, where people usually do not own cars and walk to get everywhere.  I have long since moved to a much smaller city where people drive everywhere.  But recently I had occasion to go back and visit.  One thing about big liberal feminzed cities is that when men walk down the sidewalk, women expect men to move out of their way.  In the past, I always moved out of the way of the female on a busy sidewalk, and when I went to visit, I resumed the old behavior of giving them way on the street, but then again, what has the cunt ever given me?  I then decided that I would invent a new game “Bump-O-Cunt-O”, where if they did not get out of my way, I would just bump right into them.  Now, I am a pretty big guy, and I don’t know what goes through the cunts mind to not get out of the way of a much bigger object heading towards them..  Maybe it thinks that the gubment will be there to protect it, or maybe it thinks that it is a goddess who can defy physics and the man will disappear..  Sorry ladies, not only did you create the incel, you don’t care, not only don’t you care, you actively try and push the incel out, not only do you try and push the incel out, but when convenient, you get your horde of nagina’s to do him mental/physical harm, not only all that, but my taxes have to pay for services for women, but nothing in return for me.  It must be the life mission of all incels to hold women accountable for their actions.  Whatever the case, I decided to create a scoring system the few days I was there.  I would say about half of the women moved out of my way the instant before collision.  The other half bumped right into me and got knocked to the side.  Here is how the scoring works

Woman gets out the way – 5 points

Bump into a woman – 10 points

Bump into woman, and she falls down – 30 points

In 3 days, my tally was roughly 690 points.  The best one was some cunt who thought she was a goddess was running for a cab and apparently thought she could go right through me, because men don’t exist, you see..  That is until it needs something.  I did not move and she slammed right into me and I stepped on her foot(by accident, I was walking you see), and felt the satisfying snap of her high heel shoe breaking.  All she did was grunt and continue to grab her cab.  I kept the heel of her broken shoe as a trophy.  If you are incel, and live in a major urban area, I encourage all of you to play this game.  I want to see your score, and hear your stories..

Of course, what’s worse than a man clearly assaulting women because of his inability to have sex with them, is the fact that so many murderers and spree killers begin by abusing and stalking women. It makes me wonder if this man’s violence will stop, or simply escalate from here.

*Since writing this post, the original Rants of an Incel article was deleted.