Random Headlines — 1/15/15


Right-wing pundit calls LGBT advocates “Satan’s little soldiers,” clergy condemn anti-gay religious freedom bill, President Obama calls for paid sick/parental leave, and more.

AlterNet – Clergy come together to condemn “Religious Freedom” Bill that would legalize anti-gay discrimination.

Think Progress – Pastor brings a woman’s funeral to a halt when he learns she was a lesbian.

Feministing – President Obama calls for paid sick and parental leave for all.

Media Matters – First female S.F. Chronicle editor-in-chief speaks out on the industry’s glass ceiling.

Right Wing Watch – Far-right pundit claims that Leelah Alcorn’s suicide proves that LGBT advocates are “Satan’s little soldiers.”

xoJane – In defense of keeping queer “safe spaces” queer.

Salon – Women’s college will no longer perform “The Vagina Monologues” because it isn’t “inclusive.”

The Vagenda – Why you should stop watching porn.

Vox – Science shows that “nice guys finish last” is a myth.

Ebony – On having an abortion as a black woman.