Random Headlines — 1/09/15


Men’s rights activists espouse pro-rape rhetoric, The Daily Caller blames LGBT people for a trans teenager’s suicide, anti-gay pundits say they’re being forced into “the closet,” and more.

We Hunted the Mammoth – The “men’s rights” crowd believes that feminists secretly desire to be raped.
AlterNet – Christian conservatives like the Duggars actually kill the most embryos.
Think Progress – Congress introduces a national abortion ban on its very first day back.
Media Matters – A Daily Caller op-ed blames the LGBT community for Leelah Alcorn’s suicide.
Right Wing Watch – Anti-gay pundits claim they are being shoved into the closet.
Buzzfeed – Conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals appears poised to strike down Southern same-sex marriage bans.
VICE – Trans people will no longer be able to drive in Russia.
Jezebel – According to a recent study, 1 in 3 college men admit they would rape, if it isn’t referred to as “rape.”