Matt Forney Reviews a Book by White Nationalist Jared Taylor

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He’s a misogynist, he’s transphobic, and now pickup artist Matt Forney’s shilling for the racist right. On the white supremacist website Alternative Right, Forney wrote a glowing review of Jared Taylor’s latest book, Face to Face with Race.

Taylor – a leading white nationalist and founder of the New Century Foundation – represents a brand of intellectual racism, with his insistence on discussing black crime rates and IQ distributions by race. And his refusal to engage in racial slurs or endorse anti-Semitic beliefs (he asserts that Ashkenazi Jews outperform even whites on IQ tests), is off-putting to many white supremacists.

But beneath this smokescreen his beliefs are as vile and crudely racist as any neo-Nazi or Klansman. In a post-Katrina paean to segregation, for example, he wrote, “The races are different. Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears. And in a crisis, it disappears overnight.”

So as you can imagine, professional troll Matt Forney was ecstatic to support Taylor’s racist screeds:

There are many things that separate the United States from other Western countries, but one of the most defining is the presence of blacks.

Let’s just be honest: everyone hates blacks. Even middle-class and wealthy blacks hate blacks, if Chris Rock’s Niggas vs. Black People sketch is any indication. The SJW media wallpapers over the worst black behavior, but with the implosion of the Ferguson narrative and a million other miscalculations from the PC left, whites are rapidly getting fed up with what is basically a hostile, parasitic population in their midst.

Maybe Forney “hates blacks” and views people of color as a “hostile, parasitic population,” but he shouldn’t project his own bigotry onto others. More Matt Forney:

Face to Face with Race, Jared Taylor’s compilation of whites’ experiences with diversity, is a misnomer: it should have been called Face to Face with Blacks. Latinos and Asians are glossed over in its 200-plus pages; its primary subject is black people. Its protagonists are ordinary whites, some of them liberals, who became cynical race realists after having to deal with black perfidy on a daily basis, whether it was in the classroom, at their jobs, or in prison.

Face to Face with Race is a fantastic read because it offers a clear look at one of the most important—and ignored—aspects of modern America. All the “magical negro” narratives from Hollywood, all the cultural Marxist brainwashing in the universities, all the race pandering from politicians cannot erase the basic facts: many blacks are just rotten people, and whites are tired of having to put up with them.


Each story in Face to Face with Race is oriented around the same themes: blacks are lazy, entitled, violent and unhygienic. They trash their own neighborhoods, let their children play in traffic, and are callous and cruel to their own family members: so much for the “brothas” and the “sistas.” They view whites with an authoritarian mindset: to the average ghetto black, whites are either submissive or defiant, and defiant whites are punished. Contrary to the leftist line that crime is motivated by poverty, most black attacks on whites happen for no reason at all[.]


At the same time, I’d say that blacks don’t really hate whites. On a certain level, even the biggest deadbeat, “muh dicked” welfare queen knows that it’s the generosity and tolerance of whites that keeps her alive. Much in the same way that a parasite knows that sucking too much blood will kill the host, blacks know that alienating whites too much will end badly for them[.]

Well, at least he enjoyed the book, right?