MGTOWer: “I’m so sick of the ‘black community'”

Note: MGTOWers are not ripped like Edward Norton.
Note: MGTOWers are not ripped like Edward Norton.

Normally known for their absurd misogyny, some of the folks on MGTOW HQ decided that really don’t like black people either. Poster “ng85” — listed as a “MGTOW Veteran” — wrote in a thread about the Ferguson riots that he “really can’t stand the ‘black community.'” That’s pretty racist. And then he gets really racist when talking about Michael Brown:

The thing that gets me, though, are the SJW’s who act like Michael Brown was a gentle giant who would never do anything wrong in his life. First off, the fact that he had cigars from a convenience store probably meant he was gonna use them to roll blunts. Then if he really did steal them that’s another strike. Then if he really grabbed the cop’s gun then that’s a third strike. I’m asking all the SJW’s who might read this to follow me: Try charging a cop and grab his gun and see what happens. It’s these SJW apologists who make it seem like people in the “community” should be absolved from a lot of guilt in issues like this, especially when it’s a white guy vs. a black guy. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone support Officer Wilson in all this, because most people I know are guilty white people who have to try at every opportunity to prove how un-racist they are.

Rolling blunts, eh? He couldn’t work in anything about rap music and Colt 45 malt liquor? Also, when “ng85” says he doesn’t “think I’ve seen anyone support Officer Wilson in all this,” he must have forgotten the rallies. And hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. And the Facebook pages in support of Darren Wilson. And now he gets disgustingly racist:

Meanwhile they ignore any examples of white victims of black perpetrators, or any black-on-black crime in inner cities. One thing I learned from the whole Trayvon Martin case is that every week in Chicago there are usually at least a dozen gun deaths from black-on-black crime, many of the victims being children. Why do we ignore those and then focus on a white-passing guy shooting a black teenager?

No, black people are not ignoring black-on-black crime. Okay, can we cut back to some irrational woman hatred, please?

I also want to tie this in to MGTOW in that THIS is what a matriarchy looks like. The black community has at least a 70% illegitimacy rate, with most children being raised by single mothers. Black women are also some of the most obnoxious and narcissistic women out there. Mix that together and you have a recipe for disaster. Young boys see drug dealers making the most money and getting all the women so they look up to them as father figures. But above all that lack of agency that women benefit from gets passed around to everyone else. This is why it seemed like every black person was convinced OJ didn’t murder his wife and Ron Goldman, even if evidence suggested otherwise. And unfortunately a lot of SJW’s will enable these feelings so they don’t seem racist. This isn’t about race or poverty or socio-economic status, this is about being a decent human being. Many of the most humble and upstanding people I know tend to be the poorest. So why do they know the difference between right and wrong but the “community” doesn’t? I’m convinced it’s due to their upbringing by single mothers, who themselves probably have the worst moral barometers of all time if they’re willing to get knocked up by, who I’m assuming, is a deadbeat alpha thug.

Yikes. Or as “Zuberi,” a frequent commenter on A Voice for Men, says:

These black liberals make the rookie mistake of thinking every black person in the US is suppose to automatically subscribe to this ghetto bullshit and side with the protesters. Who gives a good fuck if one thieving, fat bastard youth gets shot in the street by a “state dog catcher”?
Looting will not solve the problem and neither will a race baiting stool pigeon who use to be
a snitch for the FBI. :roll:

“Shadow’sWitness” considers black people to be “animals” and “niggers”:

This is just the latest excuse for animals to be animals. Do they even understand that it’s their own homes and businesses that are being destroyed. The authorities will let it happen as long as it stays in the “black community”. These people make me sick. Whenever I see something like this, I shake my head and go n*****. The response I always get is, “but you’re black.” I return, “exactly.” I believe it was Chris Rock that said it best “There are black people and then there are n*****.” Personally, I think that statement can be applied to any race.

“HeartofShadows” agrees:

A degenerate is a degenerate just like a piece of shit thug is a piece of shit thug despite color and you can look up statistics to show that Darkies in America make up a huge percent of the prison population and violent crimes.
I’ve been beaten, had my money from my mom stolen, been mocked and even tossed aside by my dad because I didn’t want to be a real N***** and for a time when I was younger I hated blacks because I thought ABALT(All blacks were like that) until I met blacks like myself who wanted to be themselves and not give into thug culture.

Thug culture is diseased and there is no reasoning with it besides a couple of bullets into their heads.
I would love to send some SJW down to Chicago with no guns in the crime areas and see how they enjoy a dose of reality.

“PhilospherStoned” proceeds to out-awful everyone by advocating segregation:

I’m going to say something that I never thought I’d say in front of white people, but since you guys are obviously smart enough to understand context, so I’ll just go on and say it…

I think integration was a bad idea.

Before when blacks knew they had no support they turned to each other and made their own cab companies, stores, banks, entertainment venues, all for themselves. Harlem was once a happening neighborhood, that had many classy establishments that even adventurous whites would patronize. Some group felt that it was necessary to stop this trend by promoting certain ideas in the black community, such as victimization, anti intellectualism, and poverty consciousness.

Well gosh, that sounds positively swell. Guess they’re free to “go their own way” so long as whites and African-Americans go in separate directions.