Random Headlines — Christmas Edition


VICE – What we learned about trans culture in 2014.

Media Matters – 9 ways the media failed women in 2014.

Salon – Feminism’s strange 2014: What we want to see happen next year.

Joe. My. God.Salt Lake Tribune names same-sex marriage plaintiffs “Utahns of the Year.”

RH Reality Check – Six states to watch for anti-choice laws in 2015.

Slate – Mass murderers often begin by stalking or assaulting women.

New York Times – The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down North Carolina’s ultrasound abortion law.

Feministing – Pregnant women are not being arrested to protect their fetuses.

The Raw Story – Two women’s rights activists who attempted to drive into the kingdom have been detained and transferred to a special “terrorism” tribunal.

Mother Jones – Is male birth control around the corner?