Random Headlines — 12/22/14

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters – “License to Discriminate” Bill is defeated in Michigan.

Equality Matters – Now that the Duggars have helped kill a nondiscrimination ordinance, will TLC react?

Feministing – Let’s talk about Title IX and fair process.

Mother Jones – Could bacteria help convict rapists?

Right Wing Watch – Rick Wiles says a nuclear holocaust will kill us all thanks to gay people.

VICE – A new national poll sheds light on Canada’s rape problem.

DiversityInc – Justice Department declares employers cannot discriminate against transgender people.

Breitbart Unmasked – FIRE, a right-wing Koch-funded organization, is targeting campus speech and sexual assault policies.

Salon – “Princeton Mom,” Kevin Williamson, and the rise of rape truthers.

The Daily Beast – 26 companies which, like Hobby Lobby, won their right to deny employees contraception.