Random Headlines — World AIDS Day Edition

Credit: Wellcome Library
Credit: Wellcome Library

Vox – What it’s like to have HIV in 2014.

Mother Jones – The Reagan White House’s disturbing reaction to the AIDS crisis.

Gay Star News – Gambia foreign minister Bala Garba Jahumpa says gays are “Satanic” and “detrimental to human existence.”

Talking Points Memo – Libertarian Reason magazine wonders whether or not the UVA rape scandal is a “hoax.”

Think Progress – A 23-year-old German woman was beaten to death after she defended teenage girls from harassment.

Jezebel – Former NFL player Terry Crews discusses the damaging impact of modern-day masculinity.

Right Wing Watch – Dr. Ben Carson links the unrest in Ferguson to “women’s lib.”

Salon – Accused serial rapist Bill Cosby resigns from Temple University Board of Trustees.

The Daily Beast – Shia LaBeouf  says he was raped during his performance art project #IAMSORRY.

The Raw Story – A Voice for Men’s Janet Bloomfield has a solution to rape victims speaking out: “Gag the bitches.”