Random Headlines — 11/28/14

Salon – San Diego State University suspends frat after members wave dildos and throw eggs at anti-rape protesters.

Alternet – Sen. Josh McKoon (R – GA) has had a long history of homophobia. Now he wants to prohibit battered immigrant women from having driver’s licenses.

VICE – Jian Ghomeshi, the Canadian broadcaster accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, has turned himself in to the police.

We Hunted the Mammoth – #GamerGaters believe they are as oppressed as Jim Crow-era African-Americans.

Feministing – Debunking the “all sex is rape” quote (again).

LGBTQ Nation – Federal judge overturns Mississippi’s same-sex marriage ban.

Joe. My. God. – Finland becomes the 12th European nation to legalize marriage equality.

Politico – Republicans made serious gains in the 2014 midterm election; brace yourselves for a wave of anti-abortion laws.

The TransAdvocate – A profile of Linda V. Shanko of the transphobic website GenderTrender.