Random Headlines — 9/28/2014

Pink News – Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed a bill outlawing the “gay panic” legal defense.

Talking Points Memo – Military veterans write an open letter to Fox News over its hosts’ juvenile sexism.

The Nation – The “New Atheists” show their sexist side.

Jezebel – The militant Islamic group ISIS kidnapped and publicly executed a female Iraqi lawyer.

Think Progress – Forbes fires columnist Bill Frezza for writing that drunken women are the “gravest threat” to fraternities.

Truthout – Chile may legalize “therapeutic abortions.”

Alternet – Why doesn’t America care about the two black teenage girls who were killed?

The Bilerico Project – Three people have been charged in the recent Philadelphia gay-bashing.

Right Wing Watch – American Decency Association publishes a column advocating the death penalty for gays and lesbians.

Towleroad – Chad considers punishing gay sex with 20 years in prison.

The Guardian – In light of our campus rape epidemic, should we ban fraternities?