Random Headlines — 9/14/14

AlterNet – Seven women who are working tirelessly to screw over other women.

Jezebel – Black women are even less likely to be seen as victims.

Salon – Facebook is forcing drag performers to use their real names or be suspended.

The Nation – How VAWA can make it easier for women to leave their abusers.

Slate – Police briefly detain Django Unchained actress Danièle Watts because they believed she was a prostitute.

Gawker – NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade will allow LGBT groups to march in 2015.

Pink News – A California school has banned Chick-Fil-A food over the company’s anti-gay donations.

Mother Jones – The biggest abortion battle in the country is being waged in Tennessee.

Talking Points Memo – There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is running for president.

The Raw Story – The Supreme Court will consider appeals from five states that challenge same-sex marriage laws.

LGBTQ Nation – Transphobic radio hosts Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck are back on the air on another station.

The Huffington Post – Why transphobia is a feminist issue.