Random Headlines — Violence Against Women Edition

Deadspin – The NFL received a copy of the infamous Ray Rice video in April.

Mother Jones – The recent Ray Rice video showed us nothing we didn’t already know.

Salon – Ray Rice was fired after the video of his vicious assault on his wife leaked, but every other terrible person associated with the Ravens is still employed.

Mediaite – Keith Olbermann on why the NFL must fire Roger Goodell immediately.

The Raw StoryFox & Friends hosts joke about the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, claim victims should learn to “take the stairs.”

The Guardian – Battered women stay in abusive relationships for many reasons, and Janay Rice’s reasons are her own.

Think Progress – A new study finds that more people are killed through domestic violence than wars.

The Nation – A lesson from South Carolina, where domestic violence runs rampant.

JezebelCatfish producer Nev Schulman was kicked out of college for punching a woman, and his claims of self-defense are falling apart.

VICE – Must we worry about someone actually raping or killing a feminist activist?