Random Headlines — “Yes Means Yes” Edition

Credit: publichealthwatch
Credit: publichealthwatch

Los Angeles Times – The California legislature passes a new “affirmative consent” bill for college campuses.

The Guardian – Jessica Valenti weighs in on California’s affirmative consent law and why “yes means yes” is the future of campus rape prevention.

The Raw Story – Speaking of rape, singer Cee Lo Green, who was just sentenced to three years probation for spiking a date’s drink with ecstasy, Tweeted that it’s only rape if the victim is conscious. Hint: He’s totally wrong.

AlterNet – An Oklahoma cop accused of raping a black woman finds disturbing support on social media.

Salon – Professor Danielle Citron, the author of Hate Crimes in Cyberspace, discusses online harassment of women, the hacked nude celebrity photos, and when “trolling” crosses the line from protected speech to legally actionable.

Feministing – A friendly reminder that viewing the recently leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities is helping to perpetuate abuse.

Talking Points Memo – According to the airheaded “PolitiChicks” at Fox News, feminists are “cave women” who aren’t being “what God designed them to be.”

Jacobin – Gamer culture, tainted as it is by misogyny and consumerism, isn’t worth saving.

RH Reality Check – The President of National Right to Life admits that Texas’ restrictive abortion law was meant to close down clinics.

The Huffington Post – Undercover audio reveals how anti-choice protesters in Texas track both patients and providers.