Random Headlines — 9/28/2014

Pink News – Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed a bill outlawing the “gay panic” legal defense.

Talking Points Memo – Military veterans write an open letter to Fox News over its hosts’ juvenile sexism.

The Nation – The “New Atheists” show their sexist side.

Jezebel – The militant Islamic group ISIS kidnapped and publicly executed a female Iraqi lawyer.

Think Progress – Forbes fires columnist Bill Frezza for writing that drunken women are the “gravest threat” to fraternities.

Truthout – Chile may legalize “therapeutic abortions.”

Alternet – Why doesn’t America care about the two black teenage girls who were killed?

The Bilerico Project – Three people have been charged in the recent Philadelphia gay-bashing.

Right Wing Watch – American Decency Association publishes a column advocating the death penalty for gays and lesbians.

Towleroad – Chad considers punishing gay sex with 20 years in prison.

The Guardian – In light of our campus rape epidemic, should we ban fraternities?

Random Headlines — 9/14/14

AlterNet – Seven women who are working tirelessly to screw over other women.

Jezebel – Black women are even less likely to be seen as victims.

Salon – Facebook is forcing drag performers to use their real names or be suspended.

The Nation – How VAWA can make it easier for women to leave their abusers.

Slate – Police briefly detain Django Unchained actress Danièle Watts because they believed she was a prostitute.

Gawker – NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade will allow LGBT groups to march in 2015.

Pink News – A California school has banned Chick-Fil-A food over the company’s anti-gay donations.

Mother Jones – The biggest abortion battle in the country is being waged in Tennessee.

Talking Points Memo – There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is running for president.

The Raw Story – The Supreme Court will consider appeals from five states that challenge same-sex marriage laws.

LGBTQ Nation – Transphobic radio hosts Kimberly Ray and Barry Beck are back on the air on another station.

The Huffington Post – Why transphobia is a feminist issue.

Random Headlines — Violence Against Women Edition

Deadspin – The NFL received a copy of the infamous Ray Rice video in April.

Mother Jones – The recent Ray Rice video showed us nothing we didn’t already know.

Salon – Ray Rice was fired after the video of his vicious assault on his wife leaked, but every other terrible person associated with the Ravens is still employed.

Mediaite – Keith Olbermann on why the NFL must fire Roger Goodell immediately.

The Raw StoryFox & Friends hosts joke about the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, claim victims should learn to “take the stairs.”

The Guardian – Battered women stay in abusive relationships for many reasons, and Janay Rice’s reasons are her own.

Think Progress – A new study finds that more people are killed through domestic violence than wars.

The Nation – A lesson from South Carolina, where domestic violence runs rampant.

JezebelCatfish producer Nev Schulman was kicked out of college for punching a woman, and his claims of self-defense are falling apart.

VICE – Must we worry about someone actually raping or killing a feminist activist?

The Republican Party, Failing with Women, Pretends to Support Equal Pay

A conservative report recently (and predictably) found that the GOP is polling quite poorly with women voters, which probably explains a recent RNC Tweet about supporting equal pay for equal work. This would be nice if the Republican Party weren’t being disingenuous and opportunistic. Via Planned Parenthood:

Credit: Planned Parenthood Action Facebook
Credit: Planned Parenthood Action Facebook

Not to mention their successful obstruction of 2014’s Paycheck Fairness Act. Hey, Republicans, if you wanna stand with women and claim to support pay equality, actions speak louder than words.

Random Headlines — “Yes Means Yes” Edition

Credit: publichealthwatch
Credit: publichealthwatch

Los Angeles Times – The California legislature passes a new “affirmative consent” bill for college campuses.

The Guardian – Jessica Valenti weighs in on California’s affirmative consent law and why “yes means yes” is the future of campus rape prevention.

The Raw Story – Speaking of rape, singer Cee Lo Green, who was just sentenced to three years probation for spiking a date’s drink with ecstasy, Tweeted that it’s only rape if the victim is conscious. Hint: He’s totally wrong.

AlterNet – An Oklahoma cop accused of raping a black woman finds disturbing support on social media.

Salon – Professor Danielle Citron, the author of Hate Crimes in Cyberspace, discusses online harassment of women, the hacked nude celebrity photos, and when “trolling” crosses the line from protected speech to legally actionable.

Feministing – A friendly reminder that viewing the recently leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities is helping to perpetuate abuse.

Talking Points Memo – According to the airheaded “PolitiChicks” at Fox News, feminists are “cave women” who aren’t being “what God designed them to be.”

Jacobin – Gamer culture, tainted as it is by misogyny and consumerism, isn’t worth saving.

RH Reality Check – The President of National Right to Life admits that Texas’ restrictive abortion law was meant to close down clinics.

The Huffington Post – Undercover audio reveals how anti-choice protesters in Texas track both patients and providers.