Random Headlines — 8/31/14

Think Progress – Tearing down the myth of the absent black father.

Jezebel – Why the date rape drug detecting nail polish invented by well-intentioned North Carolina State University students can’t possibly work.

The Daily Beast – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand reveals how she was sexually harassed by male politicians.

MSNBC – Sen. Gillibrand should not have to name her harassers.

Slate – Judges from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals shred arguments for “traditional” marriage.

Los Angeles Times – A federal judge struck down a key portion of Texas’ restrictive new abortion law.

Mother Jones – The NFL finally fixes its weak domestic violence penalties.

Joe. My. God. – Fringe hate site LifeSiteNews claims that John the Baptist was killed for opposing “unnatural marriage.”

Queerty – Five reasons why Gavin Newsom deserves more credit for marriage equality.

LGBTQ Nation – Four unsolved murders of transgender women test Baltimore police outreach.