Random Headlines — #FERGUSON Edition

Armed riot cops set off an incendiary device in Ferguson, MO Credit: AP Images
Armed riot cops set off an incendiary device in Ferguson, MO
Credit: AP Images

The brutal murder of a young black male named Michael Brown at the hands of a yet unnamed police officer has seen the city of Ferguson, MO descend into utter chaos; the majority black residents have been pitted against the overwhelmingly white and increasingly militarized police force, which seems hellbent on turning the area into a tear gas-filled war zone. So far there have been scores of arrests, including those of two journalists, as well as cops taunting crowds and referring to protesters as “animals.” This is not just a racial issue, it is a gender issue. Young black men and boys are consistently stereotyped as violent criminals and thugs, often with deadly consequences. Moreover, we must be mindful of the brutality visited upon women and the LGBT community as well. This issue is one which affects us all. Without further ado, here’s the headlines for this ongoing crisis:

Crooks & Liars – President Obama releases a statement on the unrest in Ferguson.

Salon – An eloquent defense of black rage.

Mother Jones – Racist attitudes can make white people believe black people are armed even when they’re not.

Los Angeles Times – The deaths of other black men at the hands of police before Michael Brown.

Right Wing Watch – Racist dunce Rep. Steve King says that racial profiling in Ferguson is no big deal since the protesters are of the same “continental origin.”

The Onion Tips for being an unarmed black teen in America.

Washington Blade – LGBT advocacy groups express solidarity with Michael Brown’s family and the black community.

The Nation – Why the murder of black youth is a reproductive justice issue.

Feministing – Why don’t we hear about female victims of state violence?

We Hunted the Mammoth – MRA on Reddit explains why protesting the death of Michael Brown would be a waste of the Men’s Rights Movement’s precious resources.

The Raw Story – The Ku Klux Klan is raising money for the “hero” cop who killed Michael Brown, whom the racist organization calls a “Jewish controlled black thug.”