Random Headlines — 8/31/14

Think Progress – Tearing down the myth of the absent black father.

Jezebel – Why the date rape drug detecting nail polish invented by well-intentioned North Carolina State University students can’t possibly work.

The Daily Beast – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand reveals how she was sexually harassed by male politicians.

MSNBC – Sen. Gillibrand should not have to name her harassers.

Slate – Judges from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals shred arguments for “traditional” marriage.

Los Angeles Times – A federal judge struck down a key portion of Texas’ restrictive new abortion law.

Mother Jones – The NFL finally fixes its weak domestic violence penalties.

Joe. My. God. – Fringe hate site LifeSiteNews claims that John the Baptist was killed for opposing “unnatural marriage.”

Queerty – Five reasons why Gavin Newsom deserves more credit for marriage equality.

LGBTQ Nation – Four unsolved murders of transgender women test Baltimore police outreach.

Random Headlines — #FERGUSON Edition

Armed riot cops set off an incendiary device in Ferguson, MO Credit: AP Images
Armed riot cops set off an incendiary device in Ferguson, MO
Credit: AP Images

The brutal murder of a young black male named Michael Brown at the hands of a yet unnamed police officer has seen the city of Ferguson, MO descend into utter chaos; the majority black residents have been pitted against the overwhelmingly white and increasingly militarized police force, which seems hellbent on turning the area into a tear gas-filled war zone. So far there have been scores of arrests, including those of two journalists, as well as cops taunting crowds and referring to protesters as “animals.” This is not just a racial issue, it is a gender issue. Young black men and boys are consistently stereotyped as violent criminals and thugs, often with deadly consequences. Moreover, we must be mindful of the brutality visited upon women and the LGBT community as well. This issue is one which affects us all. Without further ado, here’s the headlines for this ongoing crisis:

Crooks & Liars – President Obama releases a statement on the unrest in Ferguson.

Salon – An eloquent defense of black rage.

Mother Jones – Racist attitudes can make white people believe black people are armed even when they’re not.

Los Angeles Times – The deaths of other black men at the hands of police before Michael Brown.

Right Wing Watch – Racist dunce Rep. Steve King says that racial profiling in Ferguson is no big deal since the protesters are of the same “continental origin.”

The Onion Tips for being an unarmed black teen in America.

Washington Blade – LGBT advocacy groups express solidarity with Michael Brown’s family and the black community.

The Nation – Why the murder of black youth is a reproductive justice issue.

Feministing – Why don’t we hear about female victims of state violence?

We Hunted the Mammoth – MRA on Reddit explains why protesting the death of Michael Brown would be a waste of the Men’s Rights Movement’s precious resources.

The Raw Story – The Ku Klux Klan is raising money for the “hero” cop who killed Michael Brown, whom the racist organization calls a “Jewish controlled black thug.”

Random Headlines — 8/11/14

Mother Jones – Meet the women of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Salon – Are we stuck with sexist trolls forever?

Jezebel – Gawker Media has a rape GIF problem.

Talking Points Memo – Erick Erickson is utterly shocked that women might take offense to being called “barbies.”

The Raw Story – A Christian college is citing the Hobby Lobby decision in its refusal to provide the “abortion causing” Plan B.

Think Progress – This Pennsylvania bridal shop refuses to serve same-sex couples – and does so completely legally.

New York Civil Liberties Union – Here’s your legal guide to breastfeeding rights in New York.

Pink News – A horrifying “Stone the Gays” Bill is introduced in Kenya.

The Atlantic – Really, so what if older guys watch My Little Pony?

AlterNet – 10 of the worst terror attacks by Christian extremists and far-right white men.

MRA Rages at a Fellow Blogger: Hilarity Ensues

[Beardnecking Intensifies]
[Beardnecking Intensifies]
So a fellow feminist blogger/friend of mine found a lengthy, misogynist (of course) rant posted on her YouTube page. Long story short, she reposted it in full on her blog, Mancheeze. Well, this particular MRA was rather nonplussed about seeing his crude circle-jerk of anti-woman hatred put up prominently on a well-read blog and, well, completely lost his shit, laughably claiming that reprinting his exact words from a public forum online somehow constitutes a “flagrant violation” of “copy right laws” — at least in his country which I can only assume is Dumbfuckistan. Anyway, I don’t mean to steal the House Mouse Queen’s thunder here, but mocking this poor troll for his hateful, ill-conceived word salad is too much fun to pass up, especially when he’s threatening some sort of vague legal action. So, without further ado, it’s time for some “copyright infringement”:

In case you hadn’t realized, that conference was for MENS issues, not women.  Say, whose that getting ‘all pissed like we’re not supposed to say anything’?  This is what happens when you give women the right to speak and leave the house; you get a bunch of knee-jerking naggery who calls others ‘entitled’ while refusing people the right to speak their mind in the venues which they have been given (don’t like the protest?  Don’t go to it, you musophilic mental-midget).  I think you’re a little entitled, telling others when and for what reason they can be pissed off.  At least white men have the decency to keep their venues civil; or, so it might have been the case had your lot not shown up, entitled as you are, and screamed like retards into megaphones, thus necessitating the use of future security funds in order to keep creeps and fascists like yourselves from silencing the voice of those who would otherwise speak about their own oppression in this ‘patriarchal’ society.  You blame ‘patriarchy’ for all of this, shitting out this ‘well the patriarchy hurts men too so it’s your fault anyway wah wah wah’ horseshit, all the while you go around doing your damnedest to silence men yourselves from talking about the ways in which society’s sexism affects them (hello pot, meet kettle).  If you wanted people to think you weren’t all a bunch of whining, angry, nosy fascists who seek to stifle alternative views and then throw your arms up like complete solipsistic fucktards and whine ‘WHY DONT TEH MENZ LUV TAH FEMINISM NO ALL FEMS R LIKE TAHT WA WHA WHA!!!!!!!’ then you sure as HELL aren’t doing it right.  You give alternative viewpoints all the ammo they need to establish that you people have had your way for long enough.  Fuck you, you fucking suck.  You fucking really does. You can all line up and fuck each other for all i care.  You are mentally lazy, narcissistic, entitled, spoiled, retarded, inferior, genetic short straws and the more I see of you, the more I think that Hitler had the right idea.  Fucking dumb cunt, if I heard that you were raped, murdered, and that your dumb rat ate your rank pussy’s remains afterwards, I would laugh my ass off so hard I could go bowling with it.

This dudebro is pretty much like Elliot Rodger, if Elliot Rodger had taken one too many blows to the head and forgot proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I recommend copious amounts of spellcheck and Thorazine, my fedora-loving friend.

Oh, and if you want some more glorious MRA-bashing goodness, please visit the Mancheeze blog.

Random Headlines — Back in Business Edition

Think Progress – Evangelicals are protesting against the ultra-misogynist pastor Mark Driscoll.

The New York Times – Ugandan court strikes down the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill declaring that it was illegally passed.

The Raw Story – Police find cache of weapons inside the house of an Ohio judge who brutally beat his wife.

Feministing – Argentina imprisons a woman for having an abortion along with the people who helped her.

Washington Post – Federal judge rules that Alabama’s restrictive abortion law is unconstitutional.

LGBTQ Nation – Utah files appeals its same-sex marriage case to the Supreme Court.

SalonUSA Today attempts to solve campus rape epidemic with nonsense about excessive drinking.

AlterNet – Four reasons why the GOP’s new “war for women” is a complete joke.

We Hunted the Mammoth – A Voice for Men’s attack dog Janet Bloomfield begins lying about Jessica Valenti and Dave Futrelle because why not?

Hatewatch – Man who attempted to burn down a popular Seattle gay bar receives a 10 year prison sentence.

io9 – Comics artist Randy Queen uses DMCA to silence critics of his needlessly sexualized and contorted female characters.