Random Headlines — 7/28/2014

The Raw Story – Prominent Scott Brown supporter sends a virulently racist and misogynist email.

Right Wing Watch – Heritage Foundation flunky Ryan Anderson suggests nullification as a response to marriage equality.

xoJane – How one woman is empowering Native American women through self-defense.

The TransAdvocate – Trans exclusive radical feminists (TERFs) are the new Westboro Baptist Church.

New Republic – According to neuroscience men can be just as “maternal” as women.

Salon – Satanists use the Hobby Lobby case to argue for a religious exemption from anti-choice counseling laws.

Washington Post – The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms lower court decision striking down Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.

Towleroad – In light of the news from Virginia, North Carolina’s attorney general has decided he will no longer defend his state’s marriage ban.

Equality Matters – According to Fox and Friends openly gay football player Michael Sam will be as distracting as dog-torturer Michael Vick. Uh huh.

Random Headlines — 7/22/14

Salon – Women who don’t use birth control explain why they don’t and slut-shame the women who do.

Jezebel – Things I learned from #WomenAgainstFeminism

Feministing – Why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a feminist issue.

Slate – Hillary Clinton’s gay rights problem.

The Onion – The foremost satirical news site effortlessly skewers anti-choice TRAP laws.

New Republic – The terrible war on pregnant drug users.

The Daily Beast – Talking to daughters about rape.

The Huffington Post – President Obama signs a historic executive order on LGBT job discrimination.

Joe. My. God. – The uptight homophobes of The American Family Association are upset about said executive order.

Random Headlines — 7/18/14

Think Progress – The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals declares Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Jezebel – The Connecticut Supreme Court just declared same-sex marriage rights to be retroactive.

Pink News – The European Court of Human Rights concludes that it is legal to force trans people to divorce in order to change their legal gender.

Al Jazeera – Over 100 AIDS researchers and activists were killed in the recent Malaysia passenger jet crash.

Mother Jones – 64% of female scientists say they have been sexually harassed while doing field work.

Salon – Study suggests that teenage boys are more interested in love and intimacy than they are sex.

The Huffington Post – Bryan Fischer doesn’t like Burger King’s new “Proud Whopper” because he doesn’t want to think of gay sex while eating hamburgers.

Talking Points Memo – Senate Republicans filibuster a bill aimed at reversing the dreadful Hobby Lobby decision.

The Independent – A 14-year-old Indian girl was raped in retaliation for her brother’s alleged crimes.

LGBTI News Turkey – The Constitutional Court of Turkey rules that referring to gays and lesbians as “perverts” is hate speech.

Random Headlines — 7/14/14

Right Wing Watch – Peter LaBarbera says doctors who perform gender reassignment surgery should be imprisoned.

Mother Jones – Todd Akin is unapologetic for his idiotic “legitimate rape” remarks.

Jezebel – The hosts at The View interview the young woman whose rape went viral. It’s as painful to watch as you’d think.

The Raw Story – Republican lawmaker claims that AIDS stems from sperm enzymes entering the anus. Lolwut?

Media Matters – Fox News’ hysteria over gender neutral restrooms gets demolished by a child.

AlterNet – Tennessee arrests its first woman under its awful new law criminalizing the use of narcotics during pregnancy.

Feministing – An Australian camping company is using racism and misogyny as a selling point.

Salon – Did Melissa McCarthy sell out overweight women?

Random Headlines — 7/12/14

LGBTQNation – Pennsylvania county clerk Theresa Santai-Gaffney won’t give up her hopeless quest to halt same-sex marriages in her state.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Watch Paul Elam get schooled by Matt Binder in a “debate.”

Washington Post – A federal judge declares Colorado’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

The Huffington Post – Laverne Cox becomes the first transwoman to be nominated for an Emmy.

Salon – Apple’s bizarre and sexist iPad engraving policy.

Speaking Treason Fluently – Tim Wise talks Hobby Lobby and the real reason for denying birth control.

Slate – Why the latest Supreme Court term was a disaster for women.

Newsweek – American Quakers establish an “underground railroad” for fleeing LGBTQ Ugandans.

The Raw Story – Comedian John Oliver takes homophobic imbecile Scott Lively down a peg.

JezebelPlayboy will release an issue shot entirely by sexual harasser/creeper Terry Richardson. Yuck.

A Voice for White Men: Paul Elam & RamZPaul

Paul Ray Ramsey Credit: YouTube
Paul Ray Ramsey
Credit: YouTube

It has been so thoroughly documented that the men’s rights website A Voice for Men has a particular disdain for women and feminists by now that it almost goes without saying. The website, launched in 2009 by Paul Elam, states that its “sole ideology is compassion for men and boys that is equal to that of women and any other identified group.” Their goal, as provided by the site’s tag line, is spreading “humanist counter-theory” in the “age of misandry.” Clearly no matter what the folks at AVfM think of feminists (whom they compare to the Ku Klux Klan and other purveyors of hate), they believe they are struggling for the human rights of men. So imagine my surprise when Paul Elam wrote a post lauding prolific video blogger Paul Ray Ramsey.

Ramsey, better known by his pseudonym RamZPaul, is a relatively well-known white supremacist who, just last year, was profiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Known by fans as the “Smiling Nationalist” for his use of humor and satire to discuss topics like race, feminism, immigration and LGBT rights, Ramsey’s videos are often shared approvingly on hate sites such as Stormfront and Occidental Dissent. He has also spoken at White Nationalist confabs hosted by the New Century Foundation and its online magazine American Renaissance which “regularly feature[s] proponents of eugenics and blatant anti-black racists.”

Of course, you wouldn’t know this from Elam’s article about Ramsey “pwning” comedian Chris Gethard. Although he describes Ramsey as “just a feminist critic,” Elam actually prefaces his post with a small disclaimer of sorts. “First, for the record, I want to say that as the founder and publisher of the most widely read men’s rights website in the world I do not believe RamzPaul has ever made a single comment here,” Elam wrote, “nor have I seen his presence on other ‘men’s rights’ websites.” This is probably true. Ramsey does not appear to fit the profile of a Men’s Rights Activist, MGTOW or any other person affiliated with the so-called “manosphere.” However, this does not necessarily matter, since Elam admits to having “enjoyed many of [Ramsey’s] videos,” supposedly all without knowing that Ramsey is such a high-profile racist.

Ramsey’s YouTube channel boasts over 18,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos, many of which focus on spewing venom toward racial and ethnic minorities. In one such video, Ramsey performed a short skit in which he donned the role of California Governor Jerry Brown and staged a press conference, explaining why California was suffering from a 16 billion dollar deficit. Sarcastically pinning the blame for California’s financial woes on “Anglo Californians,” Ramsey explained that Democrats had decided to simply “elect a new people” by “importing them from Mexico.” “So I got together with the California legislature and we agreed to sell California to Mexico for a bucket of tacos, and I was able to negotiate — they threw in some tequila too for the purchase price,” exclaimed Ramsey, who was now standing against the backdrop of the Mexican flag and wearing a fake, black mustache. “So viva La Raza, viva Mexico, and viva Señor Governor Brown!”

In another, Ramsey heaped faux praise on the “nationalists” of the NAACP for “recognize[ing] there’s such a thing as race” and not denying that race is “biological and real, and that it matters.” He then proceeded to segue into a plea — albeit somewhat masked — for a white homeland, stating that if he were president he would give black Americans their own “semi-autonomous area” within the United States where they could be free of “white privilege.” As Ramsey stated, this solution would make sense because if black Americans had their own country “a hundred percent of all the business leaders, a hundred percent of all the judges, a hundred percent of all the teachers, a hundred percent of all the quarterbacks would be African-American.”

And in one of his latest videos, Ramsey excused violence among black Americans because they “don’t have the IQ, they don’t have the self-control” necessary to avoid attacking others. He elaborated his position by way of a parable which likened black Americans to rattlesnakes infesting a home. Instead of venting one’s anger at the rattlesnakes (even if you killed one, more would take its place he reasoned) Ramsey explained that we should instead be angry with the people who are throwing the rattlesnakes into the home in the first place. “Really, the guilt is the guys throwing the rattlesnakes into your home. And the solution is not to get upset at rattlesnakes, ’cause that’s just how they are, that’s their nature. The solution is to keep the rattlesnakes out of your home.” “Oh boy, if people could figure out this video I’d be in trouble,” Ramsey said slyly, practically daring viewers to understand his metaphor.

It is also true, as Paul Elam wrote, that Ramsey is a harsh critic of feminism. In a video response to the recent Hobby Lobby decision, entitled “Home Depot Declares War on Women,” Ramsey uses the home improvement retailer as a stand-in for the Christian craft store chain to make a point about providing female workers with contraception. Feigning concern for working women, Ramsey said that a female cashier might not be able to afford a box of condoms (“‘Cause they cost, what, like $20?”) because she might have “blown that [money] on bling.” Moreover, companies like Hobby Lobby (or Home Depot) should be taken to task for an even more heinous crime: refusing to provide free food to employees or anyone else who needs it. With as much fake outrage as he could muster, Ramsey exclaimed, “Home Depot will not provide women or people of color or — get this — Jews with food. They don’t. And food, if you don’t have food, say if an African-American doesn’t eat, what happens? Well look at Ethiopia. They get a big stomach, they starve, flies and it’s sad and we all cry. Jews, it’s like another Holocaust if they can’t eat. But you won’t provide them food.” Barring the fact that this is in no way analogous to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate — not to mention the fact that this in no way resembles how insurance works — Ramsey’s skit is, of course, grotesquely racist and misogynist.

So why does Paul Elam find Ramsey’s videos to be such a source of entertainment? Either Elam is a fool who cannot interpret satire or even comprehend Ramsey’s calls for a whites-only ethnostate, or Elam shares or deliberately ignores Ramsey’s uglier views. Elam’s disclaimer could rightly make people believe that the latter is actually more likely, since he told his readers that Ramsey had neither posted on A Voice for Men nor been active in the broader men’s rights movement. If Elam truly does know about Ramsey’s repugnant racial views, why would he support Ramsey’s videos on such a high-profile platform? After all, A Voice for Men is “the most widely read men’s rights website in the world” in Elam’s own words. Does Elam share in Ramsey’s crude racism in addition to his blatant misogyny? If Elam is standing up for all men he should have to answer for that, especially since he’s fresh off the heels of his international men’s rights conference in Detroit — a city blighted by economic turmoil and racism.

Celebrate Independence Day with White Racism & Misogyny

Georgia Ku Klux Klan

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Yes, it’s nearly over but I’ve just got off from work and it’s almost time to resume my studies once again. This, of course, is the reason for my long absences. And to celebrate our nation’s birth — and remember its most unsavory elements as well — here are some recent racist and sexist meltdowns from the White Right. So, put down the sparklers, light up a cross or two and let’s dive in.

We were (sort of) surprised to learn that Anthony Cumia (of “The Opie and Anthony Show” fame) had a particularly nasty Twitter meltdown directed at an unidentified black woman whom he claims assaulted him. According to Cumia, he was innocently taking pictures of unsuspecting women from behind (oh, like you never have) when a black woman took offense to this and started attacking him out of nowhere. He then says that he refused to fight her back, and that’s when four or five black men suddenly appeared and backed her up. Let me say that I find his story doubtful. All we have to go by are a couple snapshots of his supposed assailant and his word — he never did go to the police with this story. His past history of racist rhetoric doesn’t help his case either. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from sending out as many obnoxious, racist and sexist slurs as possible in 140 characters or less. For example:

Anthony Tweet 1Anthony Tweet 2Anthony Tweet 3Anthony Tweet 4Anthony Tweet 5Anthony Tweet 6Anthony Tweet 7Anthony Tweet 8

Here are some bonus ones which have since been deleted:

Anthony Tweet 12Anthony Tweet 11Anthony Tweet 10Anthony Tweet 9

Naturally this caused his employers, SiriusXM, to fire his sorry ass. Have fun standing in the unemployment line, bro. Some pathetic human beings predictably rushed to defend Cumia, mainly on right wing news sites. Here’s a sampling from Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze:

Apparently President Obama has something to do with this:

Welcome to the new world of Obama / Holder where anything said or done by blacks is ignored and all reactions by whites is labeled as racist and inappropriate. Anthony is clearly a victim here, and when he did not even respond in kind except language, he is fired. Wake up before it is too late.

— paulwbrown

Blacks are actually much worse off, ever since B. Hussein Obama got elected.

They can no longer play the race card.

America now has a black president, proving that white on black racism is virtually nonexistent.

The playing field is now level. The white man guilt has finally worn off of most white Americans.

Violent blacks are finally being called out and exposed. No more free passes for bad behavior.

– Believe-Receive

It’s Obama’s world, we just live in it… So He thinks… Because “We the People” are starting to stand up in this country! — PastorSteve

JohnofOregon apparently hears this type of toxic rhetoric all the time on television. I really wonder what shows he’s watching:

I seriously cannot see anything wrong here. He said nothing that I have not heard or seen on government controlled And regulated tv. — JohnofOregon

quicksdraw believes racism is good:

We’re in the end times when bad is good and good is bad. — quicksdraw

ms2020 has no clue what was wrong with calling black people “animals” and women “cunts” and “bitches”:

Calling a violent animal a violent animal is nothing but truthful. So where is the problem, Sirius? — ms2020

And, of course, a smorgasbord of violence and racism:

According to “Correct-Mess”, seen nationwide; blacks are entitled to any and all profiled favorite protections, along with illegal alien invaders. no matter what they do. No “Equal” anymore. — labec

So. We’re now in a place here in the U.S. where a minority can physically attack someone for inadvertently taking their photo in a public place, and if you’re white, you’re required to smile and take it. She can speak to HIM in a racist way, but HE’S the racist for calling it like it is. See what’s going on? Kudos to Opie for showing physical restraint, because it probably would’ve been legally justified if he shot her in self defense. Sad, isn’t it? We’ve seen this kind of excused reversed racism over and over. Without a doubt, we’ve created a protected class here in the U.S. Cue Eric Holder. — DokG

There is no way he should have been fired over this! NONE! He was the one who was punched by a savage… YES, SAVAGE… red or yellow, black or white… she punched him like a savage. — TMGallagher

He should have just shot the animal in self defense and gone home and had a beer. — Rogue-Dragon

We’re supposed to be celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, but we can see from this (and other examples) what it has brought us. Race relations and everything else was better in America before the so-called “civil rights” movement of the sixties and the misguided legislation and political correctness that resulted. — Robert999

And here’s some white whine courtesy of Breitbart:

If the woman were white and he said the same things, no one would have said crap. There was nothing racist about his rants. I read the entire time line. — jkpalmdale

The only people on earth that can be racist are white people. Everyone else can say as they please. — Harrisonsuxit

It’s only racist because he’s white and the woman was not. If these words would have been spoken by anyone other than a white man, nothing would have happened. Political Correctness and charges of racism are attacks on whites, more specifically white, conservative men. — zxm

Black people in this country have been coddled and afforded a double standard of behavior since the sixties. Not to mention the trillions in welfare benefits. All this has done is make them totally dependent on Federal, State & local governments and a colossal collective of lazy aholes with no respect for others. — Chef013

If the attacker was white, would he have been fired? If no, then Sirusxm are a racist company and should be sued! — Syberlink

This commenter certainly lives up to his user name:

Another victory for PC censorship… I have always maintained that inside of every PC Liberal there is a Stalinist concentration camp guard trying to get out, and this incident is proof of just how right I am… We cannot speak our minds, get mad or even tell a joke without a Liberal hypocrite jumping down our throats…

Words… WORDS can cost a person their job and their livelihood… How sick is that?… I have to bend over backwards to self-censor my words just to make a post on this forum… Because incorrect ‘words’ and ‘thoughts’ are the problem in the world… Like him or hate him, Anthony Cumia being fired over words is not just dangerous, it’s one more step to Orwell’s vision of 1984…

Liberal Democrats have made us prisoners in our own minds… — MarchHare

Hope that’s enough white male tears for now. Until next time, folks!