Random Headlines — 7/28/2014

The Raw Story – Prominent Scott Brown supporter sends a virulently racist and misogynist email.

Right Wing Watch – Heritage Foundation flunky Ryan Anderson suggests nullification as a response to marriage equality.

xoJane – How one woman is empowering Native American women through self-defense.

The TransAdvocate – Trans exclusive radical feminists (TERFs) are the new Westboro Baptist Church.

New Republic – According to neuroscience men can be just as “maternal” as women.

Salon – Satanists use the Hobby Lobby case to argue for a religious exemption from anti-choice counseling laws.

Washington Post – The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms lower court decision striking down Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.

Towleroad – In light of the news from Virginia, North Carolina’s attorney general has decided he will no longer defend his state’s marriage ban.

Equality Matters – According to Fox and Friends openly gay football player Michael Sam will be as distracting as dog-torturer Michael Vick. Uh huh.

Random Headlines — 7/22/14

Salon – Women who don’t use birth control explain why they don’t and slut-shame the women who do.

Jezebel – Things I learned from #WomenAgainstFeminism

Feministing – Why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a feminist issue.

Slate – Hillary Clinton’s gay rights problem.

The Onion – The foremost satirical news site effortlessly skewers anti-choice TRAP laws.

New Republic – The terrible war on pregnant drug users.

The Daily Beast – Talking to daughters about rape.

The Huffington Post – President Obama signs a historic executive order on LGBT job discrimination.

Joe. My. God. – The uptight homophobes of The American Family Association are upset about said executive order.

Random Headlines — 7/18/14

Think Progress – The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals declares Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Jezebel – The Connecticut Supreme Court just declared same-sex marriage rights to be retroactive.

Pink News – The European Court of Human Rights concludes that it is legal to force trans people to divorce in order to change their legal gender.

Al Jazeera – Over 100 AIDS researchers and activists were killed in the recent Malaysia passenger jet crash.

Mother Jones – 64% of female scientists say they have been sexually harassed while doing field work.

Salon – Study suggests that teenage boys are more interested in love and intimacy than they are sex.

The Huffington Post – Bryan Fischer doesn’t like Burger King’s new “Proud Whopper” because he doesn’t want to think of gay sex while eating hamburgers.

Talking Points Memo – Senate Republicans filibuster a bill aimed at reversing the dreadful Hobby Lobby decision.

The Independent – A 14-year-old Indian girl was raped in retaliation for her brother’s alleged crimes.

LGBTI News Turkey – The Constitutional Court of Turkey rules that referring to gays and lesbians as “perverts” is hate speech.

Random Headlines — 7/14/14

Right Wing Watch – Peter LaBarbera says doctors who perform gender reassignment surgery should be imprisoned.

Mother Jones – Todd Akin is unapologetic for his idiotic “legitimate rape” remarks.

Jezebel – The hosts at The View interview the young woman whose rape went viral. It’s as painful to watch as you’d think.

The Raw Story – Republican lawmaker claims that AIDS stems from sperm enzymes entering the anus. Lolwut?

Media Matters – Fox News’ hysteria over gender neutral restrooms gets demolished by a child.

AlterNet – Tennessee arrests its first woman under its awful new law criminalizing the use of narcotics during pregnancy.

Feministing – An Australian camping company is using racism and misogyny as a selling point.

Salon – Did Melissa McCarthy sell out overweight women?

Random Headlines — 7/12/14

LGBTQNation – Pennsylvania county clerk Theresa Santai-Gaffney won’t give up her hopeless quest to halt same-sex marriages in her state.

We Hunted the Mammoth – Watch Paul Elam get schooled by Matt Binder in a “debate.”

Washington Post – A federal judge declares Colorado’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

The Huffington Post – Laverne Cox becomes the first transwoman to be nominated for an Emmy.

Salon – Apple’s bizarre and sexist iPad engraving policy.

Speaking Treason Fluently – Tim Wise talks Hobby Lobby and the real reason for denying birth control.

Slate – Why the latest Supreme Court term was a disaster for women.

Newsweek – American Quakers establish an “underground railroad” for fleeing LGBTQ Ugandans.

The Raw Story – Comedian John Oliver takes homophobic imbecile Scott Lively down a peg.

JezebelPlayboy will release an issue shot entirely by sexual harasser/creeper Terry Richardson. Yuck.