Random Headlines — 6/19/14


Think Progress – Rape victims at a fundamentalist Christian college say they were told to repent for their sins.

Salon – Male sexual assault survivor schools Fox News over its “destructive” ignorance.

The Daily Beast – Are Facebook threats made by a man against his ex-wife “true threats”? The Supreme Court will soon decide.

The Nation – Does feminism have a class problem?

Politico – The Supreme Court will decide whether or not abortion clinics will be “dangerous no-go zones” in its buffer zone case.

Slate – Oklahoma Tea Partier supports stoning gay people to death in accordance with Biblical law.

Towleroad – The New York State Assembly has passed a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors.

The TransAdvocate – Dr. Paul McHugh’s “science” is transphobia in disguise.

The Atlantic – On Karen DeCrow, the NOW president who became a Men’s Rights Activist.

The Daily Kos – Meet the family behind Hobby Lobby and their plans for a Christian nation.