Random Headlines — 6/19/14

Rape victims at fundamentalist Christian college were told to repent for their sins, Oklahoma Tea Partier wants to execute gay people, Supreme Court to decide abortion clinic buffer zone case, and more.

Think Progress – Rape victims at a fundamentalist Christian college say they were told to repent for their sins.
Salon – Male sexual assault survivor schools Fox News over its “destructive” ignorance.
The Daily Beast – Are Facebook threats made by a man against his ex-wife “true threats”? The Supreme Court will soon decide.
The Nation – Does feminism have a class problem?
Politico – The Supreme Court will decide whether or not abortion clinics will be “dangerous no-go zones” in its buffer zone case.
Slate – Oklahoma Tea Partier supports stoning gay people to death in accordance with Biblical law.
Towleroad – The New York State Assembly has passed a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors.
The TransAdvocate – Dr. Paul McHugh’s “science” is transphobia in disguise.
The Atlantic – On Karen DeCrow, the NOW president who became a Men’s Rights Activist.
The Daily Kos – Meet the family behind Hobby Lobby and their plans for a Christian nation.