Fools Fall for #EndFathersDay Hoax


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So you’ve all probably heard about the latest dastardly plot by feminists in order to destroy something associated with men. This time these feminist enemies of half the human race have in their crosshairs Father’s Day due to reasons of misandry. Oh, did I say plot by feminists? I meant trolling attempt by misogynists in an attempt to incite feminists on Twitter and Tumblr into making ridiculous statements. The apparent gaslighting effort was led by a handful of individuals from 4chan, a website notorious for attempting to fool people with Operation Freebleeding and the disturbing #cutforbieber trend. It would have been ignored in its entirety, too, if it weren’t for MRAs and other misogynists who mistook it for a genuine example of feminist hashtag activism. First, there were the usual cranks from the manosphere:

Paul Elam Tweet

Janet Bloomfield Tweet

Ticklish Quill Tweet

Next, and perhaps even more hilarious, were the reactions of wingnuts such as the folks at the rightwing Washington Examiner, who called #EndFathersDay “the latest ridiculous hashtag from the feminist outrage machine.” Even worse was the reaction from Fox & Friends guests Tucker Carlson and Susan Patton — you know, the so-called “Princeton Mom” who wrote that open letter begging women to date her son — the latter of whom remarked that, “They’re not just interested in ending Father’s Day, they’re interested in ending men. That’s what they really want.” Watch the rest of this insanity here: