Random Headlines — 6/07/14

Paul Elam raises $25,000 to protect himself from feminists, misogynistic Montana judge is suspended, Tucker Carlson smears a boy who was raped by his teacher as “whiny,” and more.

Washington Post – Federal judge declares Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.
Salon – A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam managed to raise $25,000 to protect himself and his fellow MRAs from feminists. No, really.
Los Angeles Times – Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana will be suspended for his comments about a rape victim being “as much in control of the situation” as her rapist, as well as giving her rapist a light (and unlawful) sentence of 31 days in prison.
The Raw Story – Tucker Carlson is at it again, calling a boy who was raped by his teacher “whiny.”
The Root – Arrests have been made in connection with the vicious assault on two transwomen in Atlanta, GA last month.
LGBTQ Nation – The body of a murdered transwoman was found in a field in Baltimore, MD.
Think Progress – Texas GOP drafts a new platform calling for a “cure” for homosexuality.
New York Times – Karen DeCrow, women’s rights icon and former president of NOW, has died at age 76.
Media Matters – Fox News, unsurprisingly, has not been covering the recent legal victories for marriage equality.
Jezebel – Three high school athletes allegedly committed a brutal post-prom gang rape.