Random Headlines — “Dude, Not Cool” Edition


Media Matters – Glenn Beck and the Blaze’s awful rape sketch.

The Raw Story – Rush Limbaugh asks a trans woman how to “trick” men into having sex.

Salon – Rightwingers react to Maya Angelou’s death about as well as you’d think.

Crooks & Liars – Tea Party activist Todd Kincannon insults the victims of the UCSB massacre.

Slate – Roosh V and the pickup artist community’s awful response to the UCSB shooting.

Right Wing Watch – American Family Association asks readers “What is the primary objective of homosexual activists who target youths?”

Feministing – Utah high school ridiculously censors yearbook pictures to show less skin with a terrible photoshop job.

CommonDreams.org – John Kerry faces criticism for telling Edward Snowden to “man up.”