Random Headlines — “Dude, Not Cool” Edition


Media Matters – Glenn Beck and the Blaze’s awful rape sketch.

The Raw Story – Rush Limbaugh asks a trans woman how to “trick” men into having sex.

Salon – Rightwingers react to Maya Angelou’s death about as well as you’d think.

Crooks & Liars – Tea Party activist Todd Kincannon insults the victims of the UCSB massacre.

Slate – Roosh V and the pickup artist community’s awful response to the UCSB shooting.

Right Wing Watch – American Family Association asks readers “What is the primary objective of homosexual activists who target youths?”

Feministing – Utah high school ridiculously censors yearbook pictures to show less skin with a terrible photoshop job.

CommonDreams.org – John Kerry faces criticism for telling Edward Snowden to “man up.”

Random Headlines — 5/23/14


Think Progress – Elaine Donnelly’s crusade to keep LGBT Americans out of the military.

Pink News – Did Fred Phelps die a more tolerant man?

Salon – Women speak out against sexism in the tech industry.

Slate – Colorado Republicans hold a tone-deaf debate about women with a Dating Game theme.

Gawker – College freshman who was outed as a porn star has committed suicide over cyberbullying and slut-shaming.

AlterNet – Jessica Valenti tears apart A. J. Delgado’s awful “Crying Rape” article.

Crooks and Liars – Wendy Davis is greeted in L.A. with awful, sexist “Abortion Barbie” posters.

Right Wing WatchWorldNetDaily will help gay-proof your kids.

Random Headlines — Extremely Belated Edition


The Washington Post – Federal judge strikes down Arkansas’ ban on same-sex marriage.

Talking Points Memo – Federal judge strikes down Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban.

The Los Angeles Times – Similarly, a federal judge just overturned Oregon’s prohibition on same-sex marriage.

Jezebel – Hooters posts a horrific rape joke on its Facebook page, then said they were hacked. Sure.

NBC News – Pentagon approves transfer of Chelsea Manning for sex reassignment surgery.

Salon – Having been convicted of assaulting a police officer — an involuntary response after he grabbed her breast — Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan has been sentenced to three months in prison at Riker’s Island.

Mother Jones – Pro-gun extremists are targeting women with death and rape threats.

New Republic – The firing of New York Times editor Jill Abramson, rampant sexism and the gender wage gap.

Random Headlines — 5/03/14


Salon – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses marriage equality.

The Washington Post – These 55 colleges are being investigated for Title IX violations.

Slate – Was this UPenn professor denied tenure for becoming a mother?

Jezebel – Arizona makes distributing revenge porn a felony.

Joe. My. God. – The Senate confirms a pro-gay lawyer to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, despite the Family Research Council’s whining.

SFGate – Maggie Gallagher is ready to throw in the towel on same-sex marriage.

Vice – In defense of being a “promiscuous slut.”

The Telegraph – Iran to execute a 26-year-old rape victim.

Talking Points Memo – Republican lawmaker Steve Hickey responds to a challenge to South Dakota’s gay marriage ban with a graphic letter about anal sex.